Apple Launches New Maps App


To compete with Google’s popular maps app, Apple has revamped its own software. According to a press release from Apple, the revamped application will feature, “better road coverage and pedestrian data, more precise addresses, and detailed land cover.”






The newly-updated app will also allow users in a growing number of cities to view high-definition imagery from the streets. It also features easier ways to highlight your favorite locations and send more accurate estimated arrival times.




Fast Company notes that part of Google Maps’ popularity has come from its social features; Apple, in comparison, has in the past offered less data about local business and led users to other sites for reviews. Nevertheless, Apple Maps’ recent updates have emphasized new transit routes, beating traffic, and finding the best times to commute. They’ve also focused on keeping tight privacy within the app, leaving out location history for data collection. The new version of Apple Maps is already available in the United States and will come to Europe in the next few months. Does Apple have you ready to change over?





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