Apple imagines a new connected ring to control other devices


Apple is currently working on a ring that could control devices through predefined gestures as a remote control would do it. This is not new, Apple started a while ago and many other companies have been trying for some time to impose a connected ring, with little success but Apple pursuit. A patent filed by Apple last September and published earlier this year describes the firm working on “smart rings” working hand in hand with a smartphone. They would integrate numerous sensors as well as haptic motors providing physical feedback based on finger gestures and movements, like on the iPhone or Apple Watch.







Although it’s an Apple patent, this does not necessarily means that the company will necessarily launch an Apple Ring. Companies of this size have many patents but do not necessarily use them all. But Apple is putting a lot on connected objects and it would not be surprising that after having released the Apple Watch, as well as the AirPods wireless headphones, the firm decides one day to propose the “Apple Ring”.

Besides the Apple ring, the firm is also said to be working on augmented reality glasses which could be connected with a ring. If Apple has never announced the development of these glasses, Tim Cook’s interest in augmented reality seems to be a sufficient indication. Last January, during a trip to Ireland, the Apple boss said that for him, augmented reality is one of the most important developments in the world of new technologies for the next 10 years, because it will “permeate our whole lives. ”



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