The Ao Dai is the famous Vietnamese traditional costume worn in the past during many special holidays and festivals. Initially, the Ao Dai was made for both man and woman, but nowadays, it is usually considered as a female clothing, and very few men dare to wear it. To bring this traditional fashion back to life again and encourage more men to wear it, Dinh Lang Viet – a Vietnamese Communal House group – decided to take action and filmed a video clip to promote this traditional outfits for Tet Holiday.

In Saigon, the trend of men in Ao Dai seems to be back very recently. This clothing even became the uniforms of many employees in several businesses in the city. Han Thai Tu, the famous Vietnamese singer who just returns from a South Korea tour, shared that the Ao Dai was an essential part of his success in Korea. “When performing on the stage, I chose the Ao Dai as outfit, and I received a lot of cheers from the audience.” He also confirmed, “I will wear the Ao Dai when I’ll sing for this New Year.”

However, the real challenge to get men to dress in Ao Dai is awareness. Many of them think that this traditional outfit only belong to the past and is not the right dress code for a modern man in a modern life. Nevertheless, we hope that those activities and support from different art/culture groups as well as celebrities and good designers will revolutionize this traditional costume and bring it back on the street!



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