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The story of Agnes Thierry is a story driven by an irrepressible desire to create. Before been Ceramist in Vietnam, the French Designer graduated from The Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Appliqués in Product and Industrial Design in Paris and practiced as Artistic Director in several creative agencies and as Designer for Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Victoria Secret, L’Oreal etc.





Passionate, creative and motivated by the desire to be physically closer to the materials and the handmade process, today Agnes Thierry became Ceramist in Ho Chi Minh City and imagine sculptural objects in pure and soft clay.








By approaching clay as a sculptural medium, she changes the way people think about materials and ceramics. By creating refined decorative items, figurative sculptures, and jewelry, she combines the today modern aesthetics with textures, structures, patterns and shapes inspired by nature and organic elements.

Her work distinguishes itself by the balance, the understanding of shapes, and proportions in space and by the choice of materials such as rock, wood, fiber. Agnes always tries to control and even exaggerate the small imperfection of the material, going straight to the point, without overloads. Its motto: “let inspiration come to the evidence, and make every piece of ceramic perfectly imperfect”!

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