Adidas just released an insane pair of sneakers

Available in : Vietnamese


March 17, 2021


Already known in the fashion world for collaborating with Rick Owens, Estonian rapper Tommy Cash has just signed the craziest sneaker of all time in collaboration with adidas Originals.







As he explains in an Instagram post, he proposed to Adidas to create the longest shoe in the world. At first, the idea surprised quite a lot of people but 5 months later we can see this incredible pair of two-tone Superstar 1m long produced in limited edition and marketed via raffle on the Adidas app in Russia.





If the idea of ​​wearing or collecting this truly one of a kind pair, it might be worth downloading the app from Adidas where the brand offers exclusive access to some sneaker drops and exclusive content about its products, collaborations and archives.







Available in : Vietnamese

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