A Pinch of Salt?

September 10,2019







Whether it’s coming from the sea or the land, salt is indispensable for the chemical balance and the good functioning of our organism. However, when it comes from the sea, it has a higher content of essential minerals and oligo elements, has a softer taste and a higher gastronomic value. ByNature which propose in Saigon a variety of clean and safe to eat produce and pantry items all delivered directly to your doorstep, tells you why you should use salt in your everyday diet.







Salt is our main source of sodium and chloride ions and is essential for all human beings. It has been debated for decades if we should eat less salt. One thing is certain though, the human body can’t live without sodium. Sodium plays a crucial role for the nerve and muscle functions as well as in regulating the fluid in our bodies…. Folow the article on ByNature.vn





ByNature offers a variety of clean and safe to eat produce and pantry items all delivered directly to your doorstep. A favorite is The Box ByNature featuring all-natural produce fresh from the farm the same morning. The Box is based on 8+ seasonal fruits and vegetables and therefore a surprise every week. It is also possible to order individual products on their website www.bynature.Vn – All product ByNature are guaranteed free from pesticides, hormones, heavy metal, bacteria, antibiotics, and chemicals.





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