A New Chinese Art Sensation with ‘Lifang’

January 12.2019


LIFANG, the Chinese artist, has been making waves in the contemporary art scene lately. Although she has lived and worked primarily in Switzerland and France since 2001, her pieces have brought new attention to modern Chinese art.  LIFANG’s primary medium is oil paintings, through which she utilizes stretching and shadows to convey the mood and speed of modern life as well as pointed cultural critiques.

Her series Chinese Nudes serves as a visual response to policies surrounding persecution for the distribution of pornography.

Li Fang. Chinese nude n°7. 2012. Paris, Cernuschi Museum.

Another series, Passers-by, is a study of crowds, cities, and movement. In an interview with Initiart Magazine, LIFANG described these works as, “the rapidity, the constant rhythmic changes of a crowd in an urban space. It’s full of vitality but also of ambiguity”.

To see more of LIFANG’s work, visit her website HERE

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