July 23.2019


The story


We think that the condom must be an erotic accessory.

An accessory that one must be delighted to wear with magnificence.

The graphics condom as the sexiest French accessory in the world.

Made In Love






Today, the condom is still a little bit despised and stigmatized and can be perceived sometimes as an obstacle. We knew it colorful, flavored and even fluorescent but no concept presented it yet, as an erotic asset. To shed light on this taboo, three women French designers launched the challenge to reverse the situation and made of this object an exceptional adornment design as an oeuvre d’Art and Made in love, a luxury brand condoms with an original design was born.








The condom is magnified and become unique and noble and restores intimacy with elegance and freedom.


In an elegant box, these Art collection condoms are ideal to carry on for every occasion, in his pocket or in a bag.

Pics Made in Love



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