The future of shrimp farming


September 20.2022





Shrimp are one of the most popular seafood globally, but farmed production of the crustaceans can have a devastating impact on local habitats — and in some cases the climate. A Singapore-based startup now says it has a new planet friendly solution for growing the food without the sea.



Shrimp Farming in Thailand


Shrimp farms along coastlines can produce a steady stream of chemicals, feces, and antibiotics that are pumped back into the ocean. Global warming is there and shrimp farming has been blamed for 30% of the destruction of mangroves, a powerful carbon sink, and coastal land-use change in Southeast Asia.


Catching wild shrimp can harm other marine life and destabilize fragile ecosystems. By the time seafood reaches dinner tables in the United States, Europe, or Japan, it has frequently traveled thousands of miles from farms in China, Vietnam, Thailand, or Brazil, leaving a significant carbon footprint.





To that end, if Vertical Oceans is to be believed, the best future for shrimp farming starts with algorithms enable shrimp production in autonomous tanks, which it intends to stack near onshore demand centers such as Las Vegas or Tokyo, thereby avoiding ocean discharge. The method harvests locally grown food and delivers it to your door the same day.

Vertical Oceans is the most recent company to aim to develop more sustainable onshore aquaculture models for primary food sources. Land-based salmon production, for example, can provide ecological benefits when the fish are raised in saltwater pens because it removes the animals from their natural marine habitats, eliminating the risk of virus and parasite transmission to wild species.







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