“Impermanence”- Karine Guillermin At the Vin Gallery Soon

June 3.2022


Vin Gallery will welcome Karine Guillermin in their new physical space at the Vin Gallery – Google Maps with a new show. During this exhibition, Karine Guillermin will be presenting her recent work: “Impermanence”.






“Impermanence is an invitation to understand your mind. Taming is sometimes the same as finding freedom. Hear the sound of silence in your thoughts. Seek a conversation with yourself. A monologue is personal, impersonal, and temporal. It is beyond visual perception where time does not matter.” Karine Guillermin.





Join them with the private preview on 10 June 2022, from 18.30-20.30 at Vin Galery 35/8 Nguyen Van Dau Street, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District. HCMC

+84 88 920 942 info@vingallery.com

Click the link below for registration.


The show will be showing from 10 June until 24 July 2022.


Vin Gallery

35/8 Nguyen Van Dau Street, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District +84 88 920 942 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam info@vingallery.com


About Karine Guillermin

Karine Guillermin’s paintings are a meditation; a pause at the point where dreams and reality intersect. Guillermin’s images are restless but regimented: at times intricate, at others expansive. They recall the childlike sophistication (as well as the sub-tropical tableaux) of Henri Rousseau. It is escapism afforded to the viewer as much as the artist, as the eye skips then alights, lost in the contours of a leaf, or locked on an eye appearing from the undergrowth, “A story where the dream is confused with reality.” Born in Villeurbanne, France, in 1975, Karine currently divides her time between her home country and Japan, and her works are a mirror of that. French expressiveness with Japanese-inspired detailing collide to become dreamily compelling compositions: the petals of a large marshmallow flower; aquatic mollusks loitering in the air; a rainbow firework bursting to life. They are hypnotic, because, as Rousseau said, “Beauty is the promise of happiness.”


About Vin Gallery Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vin Gallery has established an active presence in art fairs across Asia by promoting cross-cultural hybridization. We aim to bring artists with critical practices to HCMC to share their work with the local art scene while simultaneously striving to discover and promote promising Southeast Asian artists to the international art scene. Our artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds and art educations, work with various mediums, and have a spectrum of life experiences. They have strong conceptual and challenging visions, materialized in continually evolving forms which we try to foster by creating networks and collaborations with other art spaces in Asia and beyond.

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