Têt – Let’s Get Ready to Celebrate

January 22.2022


This year’s Vietnamese New Year Festival, held from January 16 to January 31 at the Youth Cultural House, Pham Ngoc Thach Street, District 1, attracts hundreds of people for Têt despite the Covid-19 epidemic. Ong Do street in front of the Youth Cultural House is glistening once more with red lanterns, calligraphy, and lucky money envelopes, and the street has become a popular destination for young people who come to visit, contemplate the spectacle, buy some calligraphies, or simply take a picture dressed in a rented Ao Dai.





This street has become one of the city’s annual traditional events in the run-up to Tet, as the Vietnamese frequently seek luck, peace, good health, or prosperity through calligraphy.





Customers will be able to watch artists create paintings, portrait drawings, wooden carvings, or Vietnamese calligraphers sit patiently to write on red paper words carrying the meaning of luck, peace, good health, or prosperity upon request during the festival.





During this time of year, unique handmade featured items made from corrugated paper are also popular. Paper is cleverly folded and glued to form a dragon, cat, god of fortune, and so on. Visitors can buy them or buy paper and follow the instructions to make their own.

The festival has a seating area as well as a food stall where visitors can eat. You can go there in the morning to take advantage of the cool weather for photography, or in the evening if you prefer crowded and busy areas.









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