Natalia Kapchuk Launched ‘The Lost Planet’ – An exhibition And a Captivating Panel Discussion on the Issues Plaguing the Earth



October 30.2021






In April 2020, we had the opportunity to publish an interview with Natalia Kapchuk, a UK-based contemporary artist and art collector, eco-activist, and philanthropist.

This October month in London, the award-winning artist hosted the opening night inaugurating her first London solo show The Lost Planet at Unit X art space, showcasing over thirty works in mixed media, ranging from assemblages and painted collages to sculpted and painted reliefs, installations, and video, thus, demonstrating Natalia’s versatility as an artist. The exhibition was staged in close collaboration with such leading environmental charities as Plastic Oceans Europe and Earthwatch Europe.







On the opening night, the gallery space was filled to the capacity with attended by fellow artists, art dealers, fashion and interior designers, members of various royal families, well-known actors, and influencers alike. Among the glitzy crowd one could spot philanthropist and businesswoman Lady Penny Mountbatten and Ralph Heimans, bestselling author Tyne O’Connell sporting a stunning tiara, luxury bag designer Ethan Koh, HRH the Prince Shwebomin the Crown Prince of Birma, Lord Colin Moynihan, Julia Kristina Mueller, Luise Hasse, Freddie Achom, actor Malcolm Modele influencer and fashion designer Pegah Pourmand, models Yannick Konan, Eunice Olumide and Misty Bailey and many others.


An ambassador at both, The Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion and Sports (UK) and the Better World Fund (BWF), as well as a philanthropist supporting charities and organizations dedicated to protecting the world, Natalia Kapchuk had hoped that leading figures in our society will help their followers to become change-makers and pay more attention to the issues of climate change that threaten our planet.







“Through art, I wished to bring hope and spread an important message concerning the state of our planet and its future. I wanted to empower people to become the change-makers who can improve the current ecological situation and save biodiversity and marine life on this planet” said Natalia.







As a part of her solo exhibition The Lost Planet at the Unit X art space in London, the philanthropist and artist hosted also a panel discussion “Is This Planet Earth’s Dying Century?”. Among the guest speakers and experts were former Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Politician Barry Gardiner MP, Director of The Royal Geographical Society Professor Joe Smith, Director of Philanthropy at Earthwatch Europe Dr. Neil Bailey, and Assistant Director of Plastic Oceans Europe Juan Castaño Vilas. The moderator for the panel was TV presenter and BBC journalist, Samantha Simmonds. The event took place ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, located this year in Glasgow, Scotland. The upcoming summit brings together member countries in order to tackle the global priority of controlling climate and its aftereffects.







As an eco-activist and artist who combines different media and materials, Natalia Kapchuk uses her artworks to shed light on such complex issues that face the planet, while evoking a mental shift in the viewer to think deeper toward their everyday habits. Located at the breathtaking Unit X art space in London, the environmentally focused works of The Lost Planet exhibition acted as the backdrop for the event, extending the conversation of the role of art and awareness.


In 2022, selected artworks from The Lost Planet series will be displayed at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art – CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

The Lost Planet exhibition ran 15-27 October 2021 at Unit X: The Stables, 40 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LH







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