Top 5 secrets to be happy in Lockdown

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July 14.2021






If you are a human being and you are in lockdown in Saigon with feelings of frustration, sadness, and uncertainty this article is for you. Do you plan to stay here and want to change this state of mind? Then keep reading because I have 5 tips for you.




Instaure Daily Discipline

It is very easy to start to wake up later, lying in bed, being depressed without motivation. It is normal to feel down and sad in this period but is it a good reason to let yourself go? Because things are not going the way you expected you do need to be disciplined, you do need to have good habits. For example, I always wanted to wake up early therefore every day from the beginning of the lockdown I turn off my phone at 21.45 and read a book. By 11 pm I am already exhausted and fall asleep. The next day I wake up naturally between 6.30 and 6.45 am. The “phone trick ” changed my evening routine, improved my sleep, and… my skin! You cannot change what is going outside but you still have control of what is going under your roof and in your head so just find what works for you and stick to it.








Have the right mindset

If you wet that far in my prose you are actually coming to the second most important point: your mindset. We have to face a lot of daily restrictions, stress, and routine. But only you have the power to control your thoughts. Only you can see this period of time as an opportunity. Yes, an opportunity to concentrate on yourself, to rediscover your inner self, to do things that you never had time to do before. There are plenty of videos about coaching, self-development, positive thinking that are just waiting for you. Work on yourself, explore yourself, and remember that everything has a beginning and an end so does this situation and this lockdown.




Learn Vietnamese (Ok this point is mostly for the foreigners)

You may have tried before or always wanted to do so but were always reluctant to start it for X reason. Well, now it’s time to be brave my friend!  Where to find classes? At the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, you will find plenty of options in terms of schedule and level that will fit your demand.







How to study?

At home, on Google Meet with amazing teachers.

Is it expensive? Prices start from 85k per hour in a group class.  If you don’t take this step now then when? Personally, it gives me a reason to wake up every morning (my classes are from 8 to 10). It is a big part of my daily routine and a very good investment for the future. No worries, if Vietnamese is not your cup of tea you should focus on another language. And if you are telling me that you are short in terms of finances, still not an excuse to me. You can do a language exchange for free by finding a language buddy on social media. You help someone to learn and you are learning as well. So no excuses: go go go!




What would give for a good run to taste the beloved and slightly polluted air of Saigon? What would you sell to go to your favorite gym and sweat like a pig? Unfortunately, it is not possible but what is possible is to exercise at home! I found so many youtube channels on different types of workouts that I would never find in normal times!  If you are not a big gym fan or if you don’t like to exercise too long, I would like to advise you to try either Tabada workout or HIIT workout: maximum intensity for a minimum of time. As you may know, exercising every day will also participate in your well-being and allowing you to eat dirty without feeling guilty. Magic!







Find that daily activity that makes you happy

Because every day is a new battle you need to have an escape room from your routine, something that makes you forget everything around you. For me, it was and still is… Tik Tok! Wait, wait don’t raise your eyebrows like that it will give you wrinkles.

So why Tik Tok? I love to create light and funny content, it makes me feel useful, gives me the impression to help people by making them smile, and also… I practice daily my Vietnamese during Lives! Check my Tik Tok: micka_chu_ too and I hope it will distract you for a moment. What is your daily activity? Find it and stick to it.

In the end, the biggest treasure we have during this pandemic is time to think, time to dream, time to change. My real advice is simply to use this time, to be proactive, reactive, and ready to change with the world. Stay happy and stay safe, Cheers to you my friends


Your one and only,

Micka Chu










Micka Chu is a Russian French MC, Actress and media personality in Vietnam. She speaks 5 languages and participates regularly in major Vietnamese National TV shows at VTV3. Micka has also her Youtube Channel (Savyu Vietnam) where she is doing food reviews in Saigon in English and Vietnamese of course!

















Available in : Vietnamese

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