Beautiful Indoor plants with health benefits

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July 3.2021




Capable of decreasing stress, removing indoor pollutants, and even make us nicer, houseplants are good allies during a quarantine. Indoor plants play a role that is often more complex than it seems. Requiring care and attention, they have an anthology of qualities that give us so many good reasons to adopt them.




Monstera deliciosa






The Monstera Deliciosa seduces with its large graphic leaves whose growth is endless. Robust and easy to maintain, it can be up to 3m high (10 in the wild).  The plants has the capacity to  absorbs pentachlorophenol.




Ficus Lyrata






Also called the lyre fig, this beautiful plant is Very resistant, but needs light and to be watered at least once a week. This plant is capable of eliminating ammonia or even formaldehyde.










Flowering houseplants like anthurium help decrease our stress levels, which is becoming increasingly valuable as our lives get crazier.




Boston fern






With a multitude of dense leaves, the Boston fern shines at the top of lists of good houseplants to have in your home. The plant needs to be be humidified regularly, it grows all year round and requires a lot of light. Its great quality? It is one of the best air purifiers (according to NASA).




Snake Plant






Snake plants absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen. They’re a great plant to place in your bedroom because they’ll improve the air quality as you sleep. Snake plants also remove xylene, toluene, and trichloroethylene from the air in your home.









Kentia is this small palm tree that needs a lot of light but is very easy to maintain. Kentia fights against benzene, hexane, and toluene.




Strelitzia reginae





Often referred as a banana tree because of the shape of its leaves, Strelitzia Reginae appreciates the bright places and needs humidity.  Although poisonous if consumed, it is used to relieve itching.



Aloe Vera






Easy to maintain, like most cacti, Aloe Vera (from the Liliaceae family) needs lots of light and little watering. Solid, the plants grow quickly. Highly hydrating, Aloe Vera can treat sunburns or can be applied as a mask.







Available in : Vietnamese

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