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July 3.2021


Yes, jeans should be washed regularly. No, you should not wash them after every use either. Here’s everything you should know about washing your jeans. Jeans, stretches and adapt to your body and become more comfortable the more you wear them. Each time you don’t wash them properly you damage them. Are you one of those who wash their jeans after each use or those who only do so when there are stains? Can washing them destroy them?







There are a few basic rules that everyone should follow when it comes to jeans: do not iron them, and wash them with white clothes, but jeans manufacturers are pretty unanimous in recommending that you wait until you have worn them several times, between four to six days, whether they are consecutive days or not, before washing them. This is the key to wearing clean jeans without damaging them prematurely.




How often should you wash your jeans?


According to laundry experts, jeans should only be washed on average once a month (which also applies to materials like linen, silk, and man-made fabrics). Spacing the washes of your jeans is better for the environment and keeps your pants looking like new longer. Washing jeans too often can damage microfibers, and use energy unnecessarily. Cleaning connoisseurs recommend hand washing but whatever you do, don’t wash jeans in hot water, and never, ever put them in the dryer—especially your stretchy favorites. While you may think you’re tightening them back to their skinny glory, what you’re actually doing is destroying the fabric and giving them an early grave. This is also why jeans lose their stretch and you get that sagging butt. Yuck factor aside, microbiologists say not washing your denim doesn’t pose any health risks. Studies proved that even after wearing jeans for 15 months straight without washing, the bacteria count was surprisingly low, mostly normal skin flora with no E. coli or other bacteria from fecal matter.








Let them breathe!


Jeans often smell dirty when they aren’t because of bacteria. Instead of storing them in an over packed drawer, hang them by their belt loops in your closet.







Remember, however, that if you stain your jeans, it is highly recommended to put them in the machine very quickly. Do not try to rub the stain, you may leave a visible mark in the long run. The use of a stain remover is also not recommended. Another trick to keeping them fresh and odorless is to use a fabric deodorizer to freshen them up or place them in a plastic bag in the freezer, which will kill the bacteria.

Finally, dry your jean ideally outside but not in direct sunlight.









Available in : Vietnamese

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