The Asian “Granfluencers” – These grandparents who are a smash hit on Social networks

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April 26.2021


Social networks aren’t just for gen Z or Millenials. While some of our grandparents still struggle to understand all of the social network’s features, others are doing just fine, especially via TikTok, Douyin, Kuaishou, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. They are grandparents and grandmas aged 60 and over, followed by thousands if not millions of Internet users. Far from clichés, they live their life 100%, wear designer clothes, travel, play sports, and work with the biggest brands. You can recognize them by their innovative, energetic and positive approach towards embracing life no matter what age they are in, they do not let aging define who they are. Instead, they are showing the world that age is just a number, and they are creating waves that define the future of aging. The younger generations follow these “Granfluencers” because they find them trendy, fun, confident, and different.




@Monadashu, Instagrammer – China




One of the most popular in Asia is @Monadashu. Under the handle of his son, @monadashu in Douyin, is 74-year old Grandpa Beihai, who is fondly known as Beihaiyeye. He has 13.7 million followers and is best known as China’s most handsome elder with a debonair style.




© Kimiko Nishimoto, Instagrammer – Japan




Kimiko Nishimoto, a former housewife in her nineties, discovered photography at the age of 72 when a friend invited her to a beginners’ photography class. Since then, she hasn’t put her camera down and has transitioned from photographing still life to trying her hand at self-portraits. Armed with her tripod and remote control, Kimiko Nishimoto puts herself center stage, often in some kind of costume, for photos in which she regularly appears to be floating, sitting on a broomstick that appears to be suspended in mid-air, wearing a witch’s hat, or holding a dummy in her mouth…




Mama Cheung cooks, YouTuber –  Hong Kong





Hong Kong home cooking sensation Mama Cheung has 488K followers on YouTube. She creates a whole universe of Cantonese food and is a typical aunty that will cook up a storm for you.





Park Mak-rye, YouTuber – South Korea





Park Makrye is one of the oldest YouTubers from South Korea. She is famous for the hilarious videos that document her everyday life as a fashion-conscious pensioner. Posting under the name ‘Korea Grandma’, she posts everything on her channel, from makeup tips to her adventures abroad. Her videos are all about flaunting her wrinkles and the travails of elderly living. Makrye, who is defending against the risk of dementia daily, also runs a restaurant in Yongin, Seoul.




@wantshowasyoung, Instagrammer – Taiwan





This octogenarian couple, Chang Wan-Ji, 83 years old, and his wife, Hsu Sho-er, 84 years old, operate a laundry shop and have gained internet fame by modeling discarded clothes that have been left behind in their shop. Their grandson Reef Chang set up the account for them. They have 648K followers on Instagram and hope to raise awareness for environmental fashion.







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