The surprising health benefits of artichokes

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March 11, 2021






Artichokes are delicious food therapy for every kind of health problem. Although they’re usually referred to as a vegetable, artichokes are in fact from the thistle family and therefore a flower. Artichokes are well known, mainly grown in Mediterranean countries but also in Vietnam.







Most may be familiar with the canned version, but once you try it fresh it will be difficult to go back. Fresh artichokes can be steamed, baked, boiled, or grilled. They are not the easiest vegetable to prepare and it does require a bit more work than peeling a carrot.

Don’t let the hard work intimidate you — allow yourself to be rewarded with a slightly nutty and extremely delicious result. The base of the outer leaves is edible and you may also find that the thinner inner leaves are packed with taste as well. The center is what you really want to get to, though – that’s the artichoke heart and this is where you will reward your taste buds! …. Continue reading Bynature’s article HERE






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Available in : Vietnamese

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