Luxury fashion brand Hermès also offers gorgeous home accessories 

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 February 18.2021


Home design trends naturally sync with fashion design trends; is it any wonder that highly fashionable clothing designers let their talents spill over into equally stylish home decor? We’ve found Hermes Hermès also offers gorgeous luxurious furnishings, fixtures, linens, and accessories galore in their signature fashion. If your closet’s full of designer labels, get your home in on the action!




Equilibre d’Hermes armchair




The Equilibre set by British Designer Jasper Morrison exudes lightness and simplicity. On closer inspection, the shapes of these three objects prove to be more complex: a beveled tabletop, slanted legs, crisp corners on the outside that are rounded on the inside, slatted chair backs crafted from a single piece of wood, and seats with apertures in which a saddle-stitched leather pad fits perfectly for added comfort.

Armchair in natural oak with a removable seat in saddle-stitched leather.
Made in Denmark

Measures 23.2″ long x 31.9″ high x 20.7″ deep




Les Necessaires d’Hermes “carre d’assise” low stool, medium model




Les Necessaires d’Hermes is a collection of useful and comfortable everyday furniture with many different purposes, created by the French designer Philippe Nigro.

Les Necessaires d’Hermes collection has been crafted in the high quality tradition of cabinet-making and upholstery, along with expertise in the noblest materials: solid oak, Canaletto walnut, H bull calf leather and Hermes fabrics.

Low stool, medium model. Seat padded and covered with “Cheval Pixel” fabric. Corner pieces in taurillon H leather. Wooden frame and solid Canaletto walnut legs with brushed stainless steel feet.

Made in France

Measures 25.6″ long x 12.8″ high x 25.6″ deep




Metiers chair




Enzo Mari, an Italian architect, and designer who strives toward simplicity and timelessness in his work, applied a process of elimination to the Metiers line to unlock the essence of each piece of furniture.

Keeping only the essentials of function and purity of form, the refinement of the Metiers collection lies in the attention paid to the materials. The softness of smooth taurillon leather brushes up against wood polished until silky to the touch.

Chair in smooth taurillon leather with structure in solid oak.

Made in Italy

Measures 23.6″ long x 32.9″ high x 21.7″ deep




Passifolia round platter, large model



“The rain drums on the convex palm leaves. The wind hums over the fringe of petals. These sounds sharpen the chlorophyll, awakening greens in a chorus of mint, sage, celadon shades. The fuchsia, coral and garnet hues of the flowers explode in the white summer heat. In the tropical mist nature composes a richly melodious suite. An homage to the foliage that protects the earth, to the colors that burst forth in song. To the power of flora, its folly, and its leaves which rustle a single word, Passifolia.

Round platter in Limoges porcelain
Decorated using chromolithography

Made in France

Measures 17.3” diameter 




Cabriolet” chair




Cabriolet” chair with solid Canaletto walnut wood base and brushed inox plated finishings. Covered with taurillon H leather. Padded seat and back covered with taurillon H leather and Hermes “Cheval Pixel” fabric.

Small and comfortable occasional armchair skillfully enhanced with piping.

Measures 27″ long x 28.5″ high x 25.4″ deep




Tie Set vase, medium model



Playful and bold, Tie Set lends itself to infinite combinations. Twenty designs, twenty colors, none are alike, and yet, all harmonize in a joyous, eclectic display.

Inspired by the micro-patterns of ties, Tie Set reinvents the ordinary. Mix, match and mismatch, anything goes.




Perimeter square tray, small model





With their projecting ridges, these porcelain pieces recall a sheet of leather that has been folded and pinched. The taut lines and hand-spun cut edges bring to mind leather polishing and provide the collection with a distinguishing mark. This new edition of the Perimeter line features designs by Gianpaolo Pagni. A subtle blend of motifs, patterns, and colorful geometric shapes and illustrations are taken from old engravings. Originally from Italy and now settled in Paris, Gianpaolo Pagni has developed his own pictorial vocabulary inspired by drawing, memory, and repetition. Each of his creations begins with the making of stamps, which he applies repeatedly and regularly to create a graphic score, an abstract language.

Square tray in Limoges porcelain with cork base stamped with “Hermès Paris”

Sides manually spray painted

Decorated using chromolithography, hand-painted contrasting edges

Made in France

Measures 6.7″ long x 6.7″ wide




Celebes bowl, small model



Bowl in solid lacquered mahogany with base and band in bridle leather

Lacquered by hand in Vietnam

Measures 7.9″ diameter x 3.1″ high




Brides de Gala blanket





Brides de gala is an emblematic design by Hugo Grygkar created in 1957 for the silk scarf. Its name evokes buckles rattling in time with the majestic pace of the horses. The aesthetics of the bridles and the balanced composition are part of Hermès’ timeless spirit. Here, the essence of the design is distorted and played out as a giant checkerboard on a line of brightly colored and contrasting blankets and cushions.

Blanket in jacquard woven wool and cashmere with fringe finishing (90% Merinos wool and 10% cashmere)

Made in Scotland

Measures 53.1″ x 66.9″


Photo Courtesy Hermes










Available in : Vietnamese

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