Vietnam International Fashion Week Tết Party 2021

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February 14, 2021


Each year the Lunar New Year is celebrated by a huge portion of the world’s population as it has been for millennia. While each country may have its own traditions for how to celebrate it, the one thing we all shared this year as we are experiencing it amid a global pandemic that has, in one way or another, spared a few and delivered a heartache that we couldn’t have imagined one year ago at this time. With this year, then, we are celebrating in Vietnam in the most special of ways as, for the most part, we have been spared the brunt of widespread Covid 19 infection. Of course, this was due to superb governance, a cooperation of the populace, and, above all, a belief in science!





And celebrate we did! Even though this year’s gathering was different than most, we all came together to ring in the year of the Ox. We had the pleasure of attending the Tết party thrown by Ms. Trang Lê, the founder and organizer of Vietnam International Fashion Week. Just as one would expect it was spectacular for so many reasons. The colors, the sounds, the music, the (northern specialty) food, the clothing we all wore, the Fashion show, all of it top shelf. Here is a highlight video that VIFW put together. With just a few minutes of viewing you can get a taste of just how amazing it was.





At Bliss Saigon, we were extremely proud to see Con Sao, not only our fashion Critic but also an opera singer, performing one of the most historically important songs in Vietnam: Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang, a song that is 102 years old. Having spent nearly a quarter-century immersed in Vietnamese culture with an intense focus on Classical Vietnamese literature and Cải Lương opera, Con Sao now combines his passions as fashion critic and opera singer in Vietnam.





He confessed to us, ” I’ll write much more about that particular song soon. In the meantime, you can see the performance here. More than just the usual “please like, subscribe, and share”, I do hope you enjoy it for no other reason than the look of shock and disbelief on people’s faces when they saw I was going to sing it”!

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!



Available in : Vietnamese

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