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December 21.2020

This week marks my 22nd anniversary of being in Vietnam. Not only was Minh not born yet when I arrived here, but back then it was rare to meet any Vietnamese person who could speak proficient English. Of course, that has changed and now I often meet people who speak nearly accent-free English. However, Minh is in a league of his own. He is perhaps the first to conquer what once would have been unthinkable – a Vietnamese national singing in perfect English. His singing is beautiful and at a world-class level.




Credits to InQ International


This is a huge accomplishment for the 20-year-old who industry media have compared to the likes of Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes. Having devoted years to singing and songwriting his light is rising quickly on the international stage. Minh sings from the heart while delivering highly personal indie-pop tracks inspired by his innermost emotional life experiences. It is easy to tell he is not just following a formula to crank out and perform songs. His devotion to the craft of lyricism is rare in music today – particularly in a competitive space where social media presence sometimes puts less deserving artists at the forefront.



Credits to InQ International


Minh’s tireless dedication to writing and rehearsal has got him where he is today. His videos are super cool too. When I first watched “Fake Happy” I was blown away by a scene depicting a specific aspect of Vietnamese culture. (Of course, I am not going to tell you what that scene is.)







His latest video, “I’ve Got Us” is very clever too. And if there is any doubt about Minh’s voice, the final minute of that song will send any doubters off and away for good.







For the last few years, Minh has been working closely with the team at InQ International Studios. The veterans there mentor Minh and believe in him 100%. My guess is the whole team at InQ have grown as musicians by working so closely with him. It’s hard to be around someone with such talent and not have it challenge you to work harder – no matter what you have already accomplished.




Credits to InQ International


What’s also amazing about Minh’s story is that it is still in its infancy. His popularity is growing worldwide at a seemingly exponential pace. But, as far as some are concerned, his career really hasn’t even started yet. There is a huge probability that he could be the first international English-singing superstar from Vietnam. While his songs have racked up millions of plays he is still perfecting his craft and is happy to play for small-sized audiences. For example, he and his session musicians just made a trip up North to play at Hanoi Rock City which is a venue that deserves a shout out for vigorously supporting the music scene.




Credits to InQ International


If you do get a chance to see him at a small venue it may be one of the last as his popularity is rising so fast. The next opportunity to see him will be online at the New Years’ Eve Virtual Countdown Lights 2021 – The Sound Of Utopia. Show Info HERE.

Finally, I asked Minh for a message he would like to extend to his fans around the world – particularly in the difficult year of 2020. His response was, ”I hope my music makes you feel like you’re not going through life alone.”

Perfectly stated by the young gentleman so I’ll leave it at that.

Available in : Vietnamese

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