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October 5, 2020


N21, Sila’s restaurant – Urban living, in the D3, is being transformed into a temporary gallery to welcome a newcomer to Saigon: DRIP’IN, an urban art publisher specializing in limited editions inspired by Street art.







The exhibition’s objects are the direct result of a co-creation between the street artists and the publisher, who is responsible for the entire production of the pieces and their distribution. The proposed works have been painted on the walls of many cities around the world, and the objects are made with materials from the street to be as close as possible to the materials used by the artists. For example, ceramics figure the tiles of subway stations, steel reflects the doors, gates, and other metal elements of our urban environment and objects in concrete and wood are being developed.







 DRIP’IN takes its name from the association of “drip”, which means runner in English, and “in” meaning inside, thus aims to bring street art into the home. Complex exercise, street art is indeed free and delivered to the eyes of all by artists often anti-system, even fundamentally opposed to any mercantilism of their works. Moreover, this ephemeral art whose achievements can be eliminated by cleaning brigades or simply covered by others in a few hours is not intended to be permanent. Nevertheless, the founder of DRIP’IN, a fan of street art and deeply admiring the work of the artists, does not consider himself in opposition to these elements. If Urban art is incontestably the most important worldwide artistic movement of the beginning of this century, artists are still considered as vandals in most countries, and DRIP’IN aims to participate in its own way to the democratization of this movement and help artists to be recognized as such. 







Social networks, and more particularly Instagram, are paradoxically the first to fix in posterity the works of artists, which themselves directly feed the machine.  If the photos are digital, the objects of DRIP’IN are physical: ceramic wagons, lithographs (works printed on a laser-cut steel plate), giclée – art prints. The dimensions vary from 50cm to 1m50, and each edition is meticulously elaborated by crossing manufacturing processes mixing new technologies with the oldest. DRIP’IN aspires to represent all the tools and techniques of street art: stencils, spray, collages, yarn bombing, adhesive tapes, mosaic to name a few. Each artist has his or her preferred techniques, to which is added their art, offering a vast field of creation and infinite color and effect palettes.


Finally, DRIP’IN is a partner of several associations dealing with the street, including a donation partnership established with Emmaüs Solidarité in France and actions with Poussières de vie in Vietnam. 




Opening October 9, 2020

From 6 pm – 9 pm

N21 Restaurant, 21 Ngo Thoi Nhiem Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City




Available in : Vietnamese

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