Best International Ethical Swimwear Brands That Will Become Your Fashion Go-Tos

November 27.2022


Let’s dream of the swimsuit we’re going to wear soon by the beach. This year we have put together an eclectic list of elegant but eco-friendly brands to follow.



Charlie Mae


Pic Charlie Mae

The Sydney-based brand, Charlie Mae, manufactures high-end swimsuits with elegant and comfortable cuts that respect the environment. The brand uses Vita PL – a texture produced from the reuse of unused fishing nets. Charlie Mae produces in Hong Kong and works with a small production line claiming to pay more than normal their staff. The brand also supports the animal cause: 5% of each product is donated to charities for animal welfare.



Tropic of C


Tropic of C

Clean line, flattering and elegant cut inspired by vintage silhouettes, the majority of Tropic of C swimsuits is made from this regenerated nylon fiber Econyl which gives a second life to discarded waste such as fishing nets, scraps of industrial fabrics and plastics recovered from landfills and oceans around the world.





Pic Align

Align, Singapore’s first sustainable swimwear brand, made the buzz when it launched its brand last year. The models with colorful and simple designs are handcrafted to adapt to all body curves. Made from Econyl, Align swimwear offers excellent UV protection while being more resistant to chlorine. The brand is delivered free of charge to many Asian countries.



Vitamine A


Pic Vitamine A

Making the world a greener place is not new for Californian Amalia Stevens who founded Vitamin A 20 years ago and has since created glamorous swimming costumes made of Ecolux.  She uses digital printing to reduce water consumption, all its packaging is made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable waste and the brand never produces more than necessary. Their mantra? “Sustainability is sexy!”





Pic Casaraki

CasaRaki is the story of Josefina a former Argentinian fashion photographer who decided in 2018 to create Casa Raki, a brand of beachwear made from High tech materials.  Everything is designed in London and then made in Portugal by a factory owned and managed by women, also a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum.







Tide + Seek


Pic Tyde+Seek


Tide + Seek swimwear has it all. Stylish, sexy, comfortable but also good for the planet. Made from a pioneering fabric called Repreve, coming from recycled plastic, each swimsuit equals five plastic bottles less in a landfill. Printed in playful colors and patterns, the models produced in Bali come in many styles and sizes.





Pic Posidonie

Posidonie is a very young French brand offering 100% eco-responsible, durable swimwear at low prices. Made from fish fillets coming from the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, the swimsuits with a retro look and timeless charm (one-piece or bikinis) are designed in Paris, then produced in Portugal, before being sent in a compostable or reusable pouch. “Swim in a world that makes sense,” suggests the brand. Posidonie, a 100% sustainable swimsuit, hard to beat!








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