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April 1, 2020


How does a successful Yoga company in Saigon respond to a wellness community largely in lockdown? Trust Yoga Pod to take the art of yoga and respond to a burgeoning yoga community that now finds itself maintaining self- isolation.

Well, if “agility” was the key word in business in 2019 then surely the term “online” would have to inarguably take its place as the business buzz word of 2020. As we watch many businesses up the ante on their online presence, or hurriedly create one, it’s easy to see how some businesses can successfully translate to being purely online. It’s not always so obvious how other businesses, such as yoga classes, can provide a successful online service delivery.




Hilary Le Yoga Pod’s Founder


Yoga Pod, Ho Chi Minh City, has been one of the Yoga studios to respond quite promptly to the community’s needs created by the emergence of the Corona Virus. Owner, Hilary Le believes that to stay healthy at any time, one must stay active. With no previous online presence Yoga Pod’s Founder has created a platform on Zoom to offer free group yoga classes run by professional yoga instructors.  The classes are open to anyone who wishes to continue their daily practice from home or anyone who actually prefers to practice in the privacy of their home.







Hilary feels that it is important to open this platform to both members and non-members alike as she recognizes the importance of staying connected as a community. Isolation can be extremely difficult and can have profound effects on people. It can create anxiety, feelings of loneliness and can induce panic attacks. Keeping physically and mentally active is imperative to helping us to maintain our sense of self and to increase our ability to successfully cope with stress.







To stay fit, healthy and safe access Yoga Pod’s classes online simply by heading to Yoga Pod’s facebook page or website for instructions on how to register.  Classes start from April 2nd.






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