What is Artisan Coffee, and why should you buy it?

February 22, 2020


You have finally made your decision! No more expensive and non-ecological pods, no more stale instant coffee, at last you’re ready to invest in a quality coffee machine for your business and make your employees happy. Everything is finally ready except for one big detail: where to go to buy quality coffee beans. Because there’s a world of difference between coffee sold in the supermarket and artisanal coffee, Bliss Saigon is here to help you make the best choice.







The art of coffee, like the art of tea, or the art of good wine is something with rituals, codes, and symbolism all its own. Moreover, baristas, also called coffee sommeliers, are strongly inspired by the work carried out by oenologists.

A good coffee, much like a good wine or a good tea, is the result of an interaction between environmental criteria and human know-how. The quality of coffee depends  both on its origin and its roasting.







The importance of terroir is paramount and, therefore, Vietnamese coffee will not offer the same tastes as a Brazilian coffee. From picking to roasting, each step is key to the final taste.

The roasting is there to enhance the aroma and an artisan coffee roasting is a marriage of science and sensibility. The science involves controlling the roasting medium via the roaster’s knowledge of the roasting machine, the raw product (green beans) and the roaster’s visual and tasting sensibility.







Great yields of coffee are obtained by a slow roasting because it’s the transformation of the amino acids into sugar that gives its taste to the coffee.  If coffee is roasted too much it will taste like charcoal. On the other side, if coffee is not enough roasted one will be too acidic. This step requires all the meticulousness of the artisan, like the winemaker during the vinification of the grapes. A traditional roast lasts between 15 and 20 minutes at 200/250 degrees while an industrial roast, also called flash roasting, roasts the coffee at 400 degrees for four minutes, giving to the coffee an oily appearance.







At Bliss Saigon we favor the artisanal coffee produced by The Coffee Tree, a local natural coffee cultivated in Dalat; it’s completely without pesticides and picked by hand from small producers.

The Coffee Tree embodies the idea that the production of coffee must be part of a sustainable approach. They try to find small producers and have a long-term relationship with them. Finally, their practice of an old-style roasting, at about 20 minutes long, gives a dark brown coffee with grilled notes and a touch of bitterness











The result is a quality natural coffee, with surprising aromas much different from a coffee sold in supermarkets with a standardized taste—and all of this comes for price less expensive than in supermarkets!










In addition, The Coffee Tree offers you a coffee machine for every purchase of 10 kg of coffee per month, in order to help you avoid additional purchases. So why wait? Get started with the best artisanal coffee now.


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