Who says organic products are necessarily not so good and more expensive? We felt for Yukino foods!







You may have already passed Yukino Foods without stopping… We advise you to make a break there. Yukino foods is a new restaurant and organic store where it’s good to shop and have a lunch. They propose healthy inspired Japanese dishes and bio-based products to eat on the spot or to take away.







On the menu: salmon, chicken, tofu, vegan burger but also Japanese soups, and vegan dumplings filled with plant proteins, 100% free of hormones and chemicals. All is good!

Yukino is the story of a Japanese naturalist entrepreneur – a clinician trained at Harvard Medical School who, after seeing the consequences of the industrialized food chain for 20 years, has awakened to the science of nutrition and the care of health. Today Yukino  Foods is a pioneering leader in the organic and natural food market in Singapore and South East Asia.





The big difference at Yukino is the quality of the products: organic, they come from Vietnam but also from various countries, Europe, Japan, the United States, from producers who take the time to research what’s better for the health, the environment, and the taste. Dried fruits, fruit juices, Organic energy drinks, baby food, cookies, beauty products, and many other good things are waiting for you at the best price there.









250 g packs of tender and juicy figs or apricots from Izmir Turkey, organic and with no artificial products added Vnd 105 ( $ 4 ).







But the plus is their personalized Japanese Bento Box meal, where you choose your food from a buffet with an unlimited free refill at a very attractive price.

It’s copious, it’s organic and the taste is there. The Result is: we eat healthily without feeling any deprivation!



69 Đường Thảo Điền, Quận 2, HCMC





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