Barbecue, a tasty trend bringing people together

September 19 2019





There is no better way to bring family and friends together than the real taste of a good BBQ…  You can now do this in your own home, with Napoleon Gourmet Grills, one of the World’s leading brands, proudly imported and distributed throughout Vietnam by Patio Square.





Barbecue, a tasty trend bringing people together

Over the past few years, Vietnam has been changing at the speed of a galloping cowboy; Western-style barbecue has become a hot trend in Vietnam and many restaurants have opened offering steaks and grilled dishes to meet the needs of those craving it. Now, thanks to Patio Square Shop, opened by Cristina and her Husband, you can cook your favorite grilled dishes for your family and friends in your own home. This Australian / Filipino couple having entertained family and friends on many occasions around their own grill are now bringing the great Ozzie BBQ Culture to us all here in Vietnam.  Whether your style is American BBQ ribs or beef brisket, or Australian bangers and shrimp, or Japanese or Korean BBQ or Italian homemade pizza’s, Patio Square offers a grill to suit every cooking style.









Patio Square is a supplier that distributes all you need for the perfect barbecue setup—gas and charcoal barbecue equipment with a huge range of accessories, at a price point for all budgets. They proudly stock the brand Napoleon Gourmet Grills, which stands for top quality in barbecue equipment.




American style beef brisket at home




One just needs to say the word barbecue to titillate the taste buds of gourmets, both child, and adult. BBQ brings thoughts of conviviality, shared moments of relaxation, without forgetting a good meal with family or friends.







But cooking a great barbecue is about so much more than meat on a grill, it’s about the experience and having the proper equipment. Great barbecue can be simple or complicated – that’s up to you. But it’s the smoke that imparts a depth of flavor that makes the meat anything but not boring and Napoleon brand is the best way to achieve this complex flavor.











Indeed, Napoleon barbecues distinguish themselves by the quality of their materials, their technical performance, and design. These grills meet the needs of everyone from the professional chef to the beginner, with barbecues of all sizes and prices. These barbecues allow for slow cooking at a low temperature, which is key for ensuring tender meat and the classic smoky smell. Thanks to their cover system, you can enjoy your grill even in rainy weather!





So no more family or friends tapping on your shoulder and telling you what to do. “The flame is too high! “Not enough heat”, “Turn over the steak” “Do not drop the tomatoes” “Give me another beer”! With Napoleon barbecues, you’re the master of the grill!





And now there’s no need to go all the way to the USA to find out what a good barbecue looks like. After all, no matter where you eat your ribs, all you really need is good company and, of course, a great grill.


Napoleon barbecues are on sale at Patio Square, 33 Vo Truong Toan Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.




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