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Lionheart is now in Ho Chi Minh City!

For the first time in Vietnam, it’s now possible to find Lionheart beauty serum created by Viktoriya Gorodetska. All top models already love this product in Saigon. Exclusively for Bliss, meeting with a designer who is not in lack of imagination when it comes to create a new formula.











“I am so thankful to the people who made this incredible journey with me”


Lionheart famous cosmetic brand arrives in Vietnam, the right moment to meet the creator, who tells us more about her cosmetic line.







Viktoriya how did you get into the beauty industry?

When I took a one-way ticket and moved to Bali, Indonesia on October 2017! My researches led me to Bali Radiance, specifically to Mary Muryn, I call her Queen Mary!. People say that Bali is the Island of Gods, and has something magical and I believe it. When I walked into its shop, my goal was to meet her, to ask her some tips on essential oil recipes, and to buy some to experiment at home. My life changed at that moment, we instantly had a special connection, and I came to work  for her for free to gain experience. I did not know at that moment that she was a mastermind and the supplier of many 5-star luxury hotels in Bali and Indonesia Spas. She also worked in cooperation with the Agriculture University Professors and foundations in Bali to formulate organic essential oils. A that time, I was dreaming to create a Face Serum with an amazing smell and a great texture easily absorbed by the skin. Nobody wants an oily residue on their face right? When you have a oily skin, people are scared of using oils but their skin need to be hydrated. Mary Muryn, helped me to create that product and I am truly grateful for that. She is an inspiration to me, a wonderful person and my mentor.







What is the particularity of the Lionheart Serum?

The Lionheart Face Serum is made with Argan oil, has a smooth silky texture that rejuvenate and nourishes deeply your skin, combined with a wonderful smell, a light texture quickly absorbed  bringing a beautiful after-glow. A type of Go-To Face Serum for all skin types. The powerful and organic essences from Bali deeply hydrates, soothes, revitalizes, and leaves zero residue. The serum penetrates deeply and quickly revive, brighten and insure your face against fine lines, dark spots, dryness and ageing inflammation. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen to make you feel the best. For instance, we used some Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, also known as “Queen of the Night”, made from the white flowers of the plant. It’s proved that jasmine send  improve confidence, optimism and euphoria and helps to banish fear, guilt, and stress.



Who is Lionheart for?

Lionheart is for a timeless, elegant and confident woman. Everyone deserves to feel good and if I can help people to feel better with a perfect product coming in an aesthetic packaging, then the goal is accomplished. 





What is it like to know that someone in the street is wearing one of your products?

Can you please pinch me? Every time I am full of joy, happiness and gratitude and I feel proud like a lioness! Recently some clients told me that the serum become part of their everyday skincare ritual and that they cannot live without it. 



What is your brand philosophy? And what does Lionheart cosmetics stand for?

Our Mission is to create a  natural luxury cosmetics brand with the highest quality Ingredients from Bali. Transparency and honesty are our most important values so that the customers know that we use 100% natural ingredients, do no animal testing and do not use synthetic and harmful compounds.



Are there more products on the way? 

Indeed the product line is expanding and will feature soon a Sea mud Mask, Face Toner, Face Cleanser and Face Mist. All made from 100% natural ingredients, coming in a glass packaging so it can be recycled and reused. I will soon start a refill program in HCMC for loyal customers enabling us to do less packaging waste.







How did you come up with the name “Lionheart”?

Lionheart stands for a person who is brave and determined. When it came to the name, I wanted it to be strong, memorable and representing the journey I was on. And my astrological sign is also Leo! As cheesy as it could sound, I thought that all the elements worked well together. Currently, I am working on Lionheart – Skincare and for the future, I would like to create a restaurant, an art gallery and build a strong community around the brand Lionheart.



What are some of the challenges you faced when moving to HCMC and starting Lionheart? 

Moving to a new city, barely knowing people, learn the language and getting used to the traffic is already pretty difficult. On the business side, we had to find packaging material (glass bottles), stickers to be printed and more. Google has been and still is one of our closest allies, apart some great Vietnamese friends who are always ready to help. It is important to remember that in a new city, where you barely have any connections, it’s always harder to reach businesses. In our case it was the Spa’s, Hotels, Boutiques and such. We still struggle to find the right people, so it is all about being persistent, open to meet new people and be ready to seize opportunities. Not sure you can call it luck, but in Saigon we have been pretty blessed with people, who are supporting us and keep me on track.



What are you most proud of?

When living in Bali, I started painting, which was another passion of mine. With the first painting sold, I managed to made the first liter of the Face Serum. With the financial support of my partner, the packaging was made and all the profit we made and currently make are reinvest into the business. I am proud that Lionheart is self-funded so far even if it is a small company, I have a big vision for the future. I created a little Lionheart Boutique due to the support of a dear friend, who has been such a rock and a big help here in HCMC. I am thankful to the people that are part of this incredible journey with me.






How does Vietnam inspire you?

Vietnam inspired me a lot and lately regarding the packaging, which currently comes in a beautiful silk pouch made from the amazing Silk you can find only in Vietnam. Vietnamese and Expat women also inspired me a lot. In Vietnam the entrepreneurial opportunities are there, people are happy and beautiful, they are family minded, and I love that. There is so much beauty in this country, a treasure that needs to be treated with care and respect.





Will this love story continue out of HCMC?

Yes, it will and is already starting as I have customers in different countries, from Germany, France, Spain, Cyprus to Australia, Canada, Philippines, and New Zealand. I can’t wait for the Lionhearted Family to grow as I have big ambitions for Lionheart in the future. But one step at a time!






Lionheart Serum

Discover Lionheart cosmetic on the website: www.lionheart-skincare.com 








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