5 Must-Read Books By Asian Authors

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May 25.2021


This time, we’re highlighting books written by Asian authors. We have them all listed here, whether you’re looking for a charming read, a powerful story, or one book bluring reality and dreams.




The Mountains Sing – Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai – Vietnam





Nguyn Phan Qu Mai’s ‘The Mountains Sing’ is a luminous, complex family narrative that spans nearly a century of Vietnamese history, from the French colonial period to the Viet Minh’s rise to power, the separation of North and South Vietnam, the Vietnam War, and the present day. The novel told alternately by Diu Lan, born in 1920, and her granddaughter has the feel of a choral performance with multiple voices.

Winner of the Blogger’s Book Prize 2021, Winner 2020 BookBrowse Best Debut Award , Winner of the 2020 Lannan Literary Award Fellowship for “a work of exceptional quality” and for “contribution to peace and reconciliation”.


U.S. Edition / UK Edition / Dutch Edition / Italian Edition / Indian Edition / Swedish Edition / Spanish Edition / Croatian Edition / German Edition / Audiobook

Forthcoming in Turkish




Breast and Eggs – Mieko Kawakami – Japan





Mieko Kawakami appears to have gone from a promising young writer for her debut work to a best-selling novelist winning the prestigious Akutagawa Prize for Breast and Eggs. Her novel follows the journeys of three women, 30-year-old Natsu, her older sister Makiko, and Makiko’s daughter, to explore contemporary womanhood in Japan full of oppressive traditional customs; insecurities, and uncertainties for women.

Available in English and Japanese




The Garden of Evening Mists – Tan Twan Eng – Malaysia





In the highlands of Malaya, a woman sets out to build a memorial to her sister, who was killed by the Japanese during their country’s brutal occupation. Yun Ling’s quest takes her to The Garden of Evening Mists and to Aritomo, a man of extraordinary skill and reputation who was once the Emperor of Japan’s gardener. When she accepts his offer to be his apprentice, she embarks on a journey into her past that is inextricably linked to the secrets of her troubled country’s history. The novel takes place during three different time periods: the late 1980s, when the main character returns to the Japanese garden, Yugiri, of her apprenticeship and begins to write her memoir; the early 1950s, when the main events of the novel took place; and World War II, which provides the backdrop for the story. The Garden of Evening Mists won the Man Asian Literary Prize in 2012, the Walter Scott Prize for historical fiction in 2013, was nominated for the Man Booker Prize in 2012 and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2014.

Available in English




A Burning –  Megha Majumdar – India





A Burning is an electrifying novel about three unforgettable characters who seek to riseto the middle class, to political power, to fame in the moviesand find their lives entangled in the wake of a catastrophe in contemporary India.

Jivan – a poor, young, Muslim girl, who dreams of going to college – faces a possible death sentence after being accused of collaborating with the terrorists. Lovely – an exuberant hijra who longs to be a Bollywood star – holds the alibi that can set Jivan free, but telling the truth will cost her everything she holds dear.  PT Sir – an opportunistic gym teacher who once taught Jivan – becomes involved with Hindu nationalist politics and his own ascent is soon inextricably linked to Jivan’s fall.

Shortlist, 2021 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction

Available in English




Almond – Sohn Won-Pyung – South Korea





Yunjae was born with a brain condition called Alexithymia that makes it hard for him to feel emotions like fear or anger. He does not have friends and lives with his devoted mother and grandmother. Then on Christmas Eve Yunjae’s sixteenth birthday everything changes. A shocking act of random violence shatters his world, leaving him alone and on his own. Struggling to cope with his loss, Yunjae retreats into silent isolation, until troubled teenager Gon arrives at his school and begins to bully him. Against all odds, tormentor and victim will learn they have more in common than they realized.

Available in Korean, Japanese, English, Spanish and Hebrew.








Available in : Vietnamese

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