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June 20.2021


The hot season is there, and if you need to beat the heat, it is much easier than you think. With just some simple ingredients, you can prepare delicious and healthy dishes to help yourself and all your family to chill your body.




Sauropus soup






Sauropus is a green vegetable, which can cool your body but can also be used as a natural medicine. It provides your body lots of vitamin, fiber, mineral and phosphorus. Sauropus is also a good way to deal with a canker sore. All you need is to wash it carefully, crumple it up a bit to make Sauropus tender and tastier. After that, put the peeled shrimp and pork mince into boiling water. When they almost cooked, add the prepared Sauropus in and season. Now you have an irresistible soup for your soul. Let dig in!




Spinach Vine – Jute Plant with Shrimp






Like Sauropus, Vine Spinach and Jute Plant are a great food for cooling down your body, detoxify it with a laxative effect – a perfect vegetable to use under hot weather. More importantly, the soup can also be done easily just like the Sauropus soup, giving you another option for your family menu.




Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup






In the traditional Vietnamese medicine, the Bitter Melon is considered as a “cold” food,” and hence is excellent for detoxification, reduce your body heat and provide you vitamin A, which helps improve eyesight. It is truly a simple but tasty dish for your hot days. More importantly, the toxicant in the Bitter Melon will prevent you from any heat issue. Here is how you cook it: cut it in half (or four if it is a big one), rinse under running water then drain. Next, marinate mince slice with spices, seasoning powders, Onions, Spring onions, then stuff the meat inside the cut Bitter Melon. Finally, cook it thoroughly in boiling water – and your soup is ready.




Fuzzy Squash with crabmeat






Crab is a sweet and aromatic protein, which provides many nutrients, while Squash is useful in treating heat issue and detoxifying the body. This soup is incredibly tasty and suitable for even the most demanding palate.

Frist, clean the Crab and use it to make a Crab puree. Next, peel the Fuzzy Squash and cut them into small slices. It will make the Squash tenderer, easy to cook and eat in case you have a canker sore. After finishing the prep add Shallot in a hot pan with a bit of olive oil before adding the Crab puree in, then pour everything into a cooking pot. Place the squash in when the soup is boiled. Season and serve.




Mixed Tofu soup






This soup is a simple soup, including Beans, vegetables, and Mushrooms but it’s the best one you can have as a cooling summer soup.

First, wash the Corns, slice, and stew with Lotus seeds. Next, prepare chopped Carrots, White radish, Mushrooms and wait until Corns and Lotus seeds are cooked, then place them into a pot and cook for 15 minutes. Just a few minutes before serving, add washed and sliced Tofu inside. Boil the soup for another 3 minutes then serve.





Available in : Vietnamese

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