5 Good New Netflix movies and shows coming out in September 2021

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September 6.2021


Fall is on the horizon with lockdown, the rainy season, and the new school year. Fortunately, Netflix is there to comfort us with some new good movies and shows to binge watch comfortably nestled in our sofa. After the return in august of John David Washington in Beckett and Jason Momoa in Sweet Young lady, this following month Netflix will feature whole new offers like season 3 of Sex Instruction, La Casa de Papel, Lucifer and so much more. Meanwhile, check out few movies we’ve selected for September.




Lucifer, season 6 (September 10)




Lucifer season 6 is set to come to Netflix in just a few short weeks and will end Lucifer Morningstar’s adventure that’s been on the air in one form or another since 2016. 

The Devil, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), is now God is waiting but he seems reluctant to take up the top job. That’s causing problems meanwhile for all of Earth’s denizens. Lucifer is in for surprises elsewhere, with his little sister Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) out to destroy him for reasons unknown, and even his love interest and detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) jumping at him with a knife. Only a few more weeks to wait to attend the last devil’s dance.




Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Mohamed Ali (September 9)





Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Mohamed Ali are about the interesting companionship between Cassius Clay (long term Mohamed Ali) and Malcolm X. “They characterized an entirety era to be themselves and daring,” the trailer prods as we see the ruler of the ring and the political dissident in various dark and white pictures. “They came from two diverse universes, but destiny made them meet”. Having ended up companions within the early 1960s, the two men had in any case seen their relationship drop separated due to American socio-political pressures and their vision of Islam.




Sex Education, Season 3 (September 17)




Netflix’s joyful, sharply written coming-of-age comedy Sex Education was one of the many shows whose new season 3 was thrown off schedule thanks to the pandemic. Netflix has now confirmed that the eight-episode new season will be released this September.

What to expect about these 8 new episodes? Otis multiplies the sexual relations, Eric and Adam are officially together and Jean is expecting a child. Meanwhile, a new rector of the university, Hope – played by Jemima Kirke – attempts to put Moordale back on the path to excellence, Aimee discovers feminism, Jackson has a crush, and a forgotten voicemail comes back to the surface.




La Casa de Papel/ Money Heist: part 5 – volume 1 (September 3)





September 3 will mark the end of La Casa de Papel. Created in 2017, the Spanish series will begin its final season with the publication of volume 1 of its fifth part. So get ready to say goodbye to the team of robbers who, locked up for more than 100 hours in the Bank of Spain, will have to find a way to escape.




Dear White People, season 4 (September 22)




Dear White People is returning for its fourth and final season. In season 4 of Dear White People, the Black students of Armstrong-Parker House petition to take charge of the Varsity Show for the first time in Winchester history. What ensues is a series of 90s themed performances including ‘En Vogue’s’ ‘Free Your Mind’ and Jordan’s ‘This is How We Do It’ amongst other popular throwbacks but not everybody is as excited by the production as the Armstrong-Parker group. Samantha and the gang are faced with resistance from the school’s new “Black AF” group, who accuse them of performing minstrelsy.









Available in : Vietnamese

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