4 Saigon Food Blogs to Keep You in the Know

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October 29, 2020


It only takes a few minutes’ motorbike ride to realize that Saigon is a food explorer’s dream. With something delicious behind every corner, the only question is: where should you begin? Whether on the hunt for hidden gems or simply looking to change things up in your weekly dining routine, check out these food blogs to get a leg up in your search for the very best.




Streatery Vietnam


A years-long project mapping out Saigon’s best street food, hidden bars and cafes, and dining neighborhoods, Streatery hand-picks locations off the beaten path. Their spots put the focus on flavor, sometimes without the frills, and, more often than not, you wouldn’t find them without the help of someone in the know. Browse Streatery Vietnam’s Instagram page and go deep on blog posts to get a carefully-curated look at recommended dishes and inside tips.


Photo by Streatery Vietnam and Mervin Lee


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Ate What Where

Ate What Where provides a real-time look at some of the top food destinations in Saigon, from brunch spots to up-and-coming restaurants to neighborhood cafes. Get to know the tastes of the resident foodies behind Ate What Where and try to keep up as they explore the city’s best eats.




Photos via Ate What Where


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Saigon Sip City

Champagning, Campaigning, and Entertaining, Saigon Sip City keeps its finger on the pulse of Saigon’s dining and nightlife scenes. Raise a glass and follow for some good times! Saigon Sip City brings recommendations and best-of lists to fit any mood or occasion. 

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Photo via Saigon Sip City


Saigon Ùm

Although not a traditional food blog but rather a crowd-sourced Facebook page, Saigon Ùm can also be a vital resource for reviews ‘with heart.’ The posts on Saigon Ùm are in Vietnamese, but if you search for a given neighborhood or street, you’ll find an unbiased treasure trove of street food spots and corner vendors all over the city. It’s a great page to sit back and take the time to pore over some recent top picks then plan a trip to a district you’ve never explored.




Photo via Saigon Um on Facebook


Take a look at the Saigon Um community Here





Available in : Vietnamese

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