Come in Vietnam to take care of your teeths and divide your bill by four, that is what more than 100 000 foreigners did in 2017 to circumvent the cost of dental care in their country. In addition to cultural, gastronomic, and sporting stays, dental tourism in Vietnam is now attracting the attention of many travelers and is gaining in popularity. The reason behind the medical tourism is purely logical. Private doctors fees in some parts of the world (particularly in the United States, Western, and Northern Europe) have become so high that they become unaffordable for the middle class, as no assurance can effectively cover dental care. In some countries, dental extraction is billed an average of $ 50 to $ 200 abroad while the same service in Vietnam costs only $ 30. The same thing for a porcelain dental veneer asked for a maximum of 300 dollars against five times more in Europe or in USA.





Dental tourism: what are we talking about?

Dental tourism is to enjoy a stay abroad to get teeth cares, a crown, a prosthesis, an implant or a bridge, at prices much cheaper than elsewhere.


But can we trust a cosmetic dentist abroad? Can we really save thousands of Dollars on aesthetic dental treatments? How can we know if we are in good hands?

The Vietnam Dental Tourism Company has just launched this August 8, 2018, an online service listing professional dentists internationally certified.





Implants, bleaching, descaling, polishing or porcelain teeth … everything is there! At the same time, the site puts you in touch with travel agencies offering packages combining your visit to Vietnam with dental care at the best prices.





Top Reasons that Make Vietnam so Popular for Dental Care

Affordable dental implants, crowns, and veneers

It is possible to save up to 60% on the dental bill.


Qualified and talented dentists

The Professional dentists operating in clinics are internationally certified.


Quality level

The equipment is modern and of high quality. Patients are treated using quality materials available on the market and dentists use internationally recognized brands in dental laboratory materials.


No language barriers

Vietnamese dentists generally speak English, which facilitates exchanges.


A full range of available treatments

In general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry



Vietnam is a great place to discover, for its culture, gastronomy, sports and shopping at a great price. Whatever the city or activities you choose to do, the dental care you’ll receive will not affect your health for the duration of your stay. For patients who have to visit the dentist several times, such a stay allows them to visit the city and its surroundings between every appointment.



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