3 Holiday (or Anytime) Gifts for Yourself

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January 2.2021


Gift yourself these three things, and watch your life change.


In the midst of the holiday season, it can be wise to forgo the material gifts, and finally give yourself something that your mind and body will truly thank you for. Be it a holiday gift, a new years resolution, or finally recognizing that you really do have the ability to feel better, by adding these 3 things into your life, there is no doubt that you will feel a shift into more health, well-being, and happiness.







1 – First, get to know the health (or lack thereof) of your nervous system. The latest science tells us that our mental health is directly impacted by our physical (nervous system) health. We are now learning just how significant this mind/body connection really is!


A person’s nervous system might be dis-regulated if they’ve experienced trauma, either small t trauma or BIG T trauma (which is pretty much all of us), or some other adverse childhood (or adult) experience where we were either acutely (short-term) or chronically (long-term) unsafe. Other experiences that impact the health of a nervous system are: not getting emotional/physical needs met, mis-attunement with parents/caregivers, not being allowed to be who we really are. This might mean suppressing certain emotions, either because you weren’t taught how to feel them, or taught that it’s OK to feel them. It could also mean stifling a certain part of yourself because they part was not tolerated in your family All of these things (and others) impact what we call our stress physiology. This means that our shit gets stored in our body, literally, and what is also meant when you hear ‘our issues are in our tissues.’ We now know how true this really is… Continue reading Robert Oleskevich’s article on Hero’s journey Therapy.





Robert Oleskevich, is a licensed psychotherapist, world traveler, and an expat. He lived in over 30 different countries, worked with adolescents, expats, and third culture kids. These days, he provides counseling and therapy to people dealing with the social and emotional challenges of living in Asia, with a focus on expats in HCMC Vietnam.

Know more about Robert on www.herosjourneytherapy.com








Available in : Vietnamese

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