20 Affordable Ways to Make Your Bedroom feel like a hotel room

October 21, 2019


Let’s face it: we have to admit we have a soft spot for beautiful, luxurious hotels. After all, who doesn’t love decadent sleep, lavish interiors, and delicate smells?

So what’s the deal? Why are hotel rooms interior always so ridiculously gorgeous, comfortable and unforgettable when our bedroom looks day after day dingier.

While every hotel has its secret recipe, according to top interior designers, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve a luxury look to your bedroom. It just takes a few small steps. Read on for some insider knowledge that will get you close to your design aesthetic on a family-friendly budget.









Lavish Bedroom is a Hotel Must-Have




Paint job




A customized feature wall is one way to make a big visual statement in your bedroom. Use neutral shades like beige, cream, soft pink, grays if you’re looking for a restful atmosphere or use a Bold Wall Paint to create a stunning effect.  You can go further and paint the whole room in a bold color, particularly if you have a lot of natural light entering the room. To balance the bold color use contrasting soft effects texture around the room and use reflective pieces to capture as much natural light as possible. That could mean adding white to the ceiling, window, bed linen or flooring. For luxury feeling, add rich shades as plum and butter.




Wallpaper as art






Art can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for a nice piece. If buying art isn’t in the budget, you may want to consider using a patch of beautiful wallpaper instead. You get the same impact without the need to splurge. And the truth is, most wallpaper designs are still created by an artist.












Create a bed that works for both lying down and sitting




Most hotel beds possess headboards because managers know that guests like to be able to sit up and check their devices, watch TV, read a book, or eat. Decor-wise, a headboard is also a chance to make a visual statement since the bed is the focal point of the bedroom. If you don’t have a headboard on your bed, you can hang fabric, wallpaper, or paint the headboard area to mimic one, and you can pile on big bolster pillows so you can prop yourself up in comfort.




Start with a cozy mattress




Choose carefully your mattress as it is one of the biggest if not, the biggest investments you can do and privilege a Queen or king-size for their extra comfort. They are not good just because they offer a lot more space than regular beds for couples, their benefits are endless. These few extra centimeters in width and length enable you to stretch your legs and arms as wide as possible and sleep in any position you could desire. For a cushioning sensation, place a down feather bed or mattress topper in down and top your bed with a blanket or duvet to give extra warmth.




White or color sheets?




Most hotel rooms make their beds with white sheets because they seem so crisp and clean, and they help reinforce the impression that the room is a blank slate waiting for you. But if you’re looking to go one step further, invest in new color sheets. Today, It’s all about the mix. Shades of gray and taupe can be just as classy as all white, and it’s much easier to upkeep. To make a five stars’ grade bed that’ll instantly upgrade your space, opt for two sheets and fold the edge of the top one over the duvet for a polished look.




Pile on the Pillows




If you only make one tweak to upgrade your bedroom, it should be the way you style pillows. Hotel beds usually contain at least three sizes of pillows, oversize, standard sleeping size, and small, which represents another opportunity to introduce a contrasting fabric, color, or pattern. A classy bed is always topped with a handful of precisely layered accent pillows. Practical pillows, the ones you sleep on a night, should sit propped against the bedhead, overlaid with decorative pillows in height order. One basic rule is that when placed in their ‘show’ position, sleeping pillows and decorative pillows shouldn’t take up more than a quarter of the total bed length. More than that will looks over-styled.




Prepare a soft landing




There’s a certain sensual comfort to be had from getting out of bed and taking your first steps on something cozy rather than on a cold floor. The perfect soft, fluffy rug might even make you forget that you don’t yet have the sheets you’ve been coveting or the perfect lighting setup. Buy a few (or a big one) and place them around each of the three sides of your bed. Remember that you will usually be standing on this rug with bare feet, so the softer, the better!




Cozy Glow




Replacing lamps is a simple way to give your bedroom a lux looks for less. Install a sleek sconce on the side of the bed, rather than cramming a lamp onto a tiny side table. Sconces help produce a cushy atmosphere for nighttime reading. If you want to keep your lamps, replacing lampshades is a simple way to give your bedroom a new look. Try to match the color of your side lamps with your bed color.




Wow with Antics




Antics bring a feeling of glamour and refined luxury into your bedroom recreating the mood of a boutique hotel. Add a Pair of framed paintings above the headboard, place a chic decorative box on your desk, frame old mirrors framed in classic colors as black, silver and gold that will improve all your room.




More Than the Bed






A sitting area and or a decorative bench at the foot of the bed will take your bedroom from comfy to sumptuous.











Replace drapes



When was the last time you saw Venetian blinds in a hotel room? Hotels take a special care of curtains because these can be layered to furnish different levels of coverage including a sheer curtain to allow maximum light while maintaining privacy and a black-out lining to make the room dark for sleeping. The layers also add insulation, keeping air-conditioned rooms cool and heated rooms warm. Pick fabrics that suit your tastes and the rest of your decor. To maintain the luxury look, think silks, damasks, and linen.





Set your thermostat to 65 °




A hotel bedroom is never too hot or too cold, rather, the temperature is always just right. 65 degrees Fahrenheit promotes the deepest and longest sleep. The hotter you are, the lighter and shorter sleep you will have. You want a body temperature where neurons aren’t firing intensely, and that happens when the hypothalamus, the temperature regulator in the brain, is cool.




Add Flowers and Greenery



Flowers and greenery are a key element to add to all of your hotel-like rooms. Elegant, aromatic arrangements are a sure-fire way to luxe-up your lifestyle. Pastel color flowers are elegant, and bring a romantic atmosphere.A large palm plant can also make a huge impact when placed inside a chinoiserie-syle urn.





Replicate a Spa and start with soft shades




Banish all bright colors, and choose soft colors or dark colors, enveloping and inviting like natural shades as sand, warm grey, light blue, or wood colors and place there and there some accents of ‘expensive’ hues like deep russet, plum, garnet or navy.




Hide the clutter!



If possible, install storage solutions, in-built cupboards or wall-hung vanity units. Storage baskets or trunks can also work to great effect.




Lighting makes the luxury spa bathroom




Incorporate a range of softly diffused ambient lighting, on different circuits, from overhead spots to wall sconces, and floor lighting. Candles are also a fantastic solution.




Pick Towels You’re Excited to Use




Get rid of those dingy old bath towels making your space look dirty and cheap and opt for crisp white, fluffy towels like the kind you would find in a fancy hotel or spa or opt for trendy colors. This will immediately trigger a more luxurious feeling.




By a Plush Bathrobe




For a truly luxe indulgence, get yourself a plush bathrobe or use the one coming for your favorite hotel. This sort of splurge will help you bring that same vacation vibe home and will keep the memories alive from your special trip.




Pick the right ambiance scent




To ensure a relaxing and indulgent experience in your bedroom and bathroom, don’t overlook your sense of smell. Choose carefully the right scent as the smell is even more powerful than music in conjuring up positive memories. Choosing the right scent for your room depends on how you want to feel and how you want the smell to influence your emotions. Choose the scent of Cookies, vanilla, apple pie, cinnamon to remind a cozy childhood. Lemon, lime, or any citrus scents are great to have a clean smell when fruity scents are both neutral and pleasant, evoking great memories.





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