14-Year-Old Juju Noda Wins From Pole in Her First F4 Race

July 13, 2020






Juju Noda dreams of becoming the first woman to win a Formula One Grand Prix after winning her Danish F4 debut in June 2020 at the age of 14.  Juju is the daughter of former professional racing driver Hideki Noda – a man with three F1 retirements to his name, but more impressively, a victory in each of Indy Lights and Super GT500. She received much acclaim as a ‘racing prodigy’, and her exploits behind the wheels of powerful Formula racing cars started when she was 4 years old with the KIDS kart race driver (Debut win Beginner class).

· [Age 9] First testing F4 machinery

· [Age 10] Breaking the Okayama F4 lap record in a test session – recording a time of 1:32.8 compared to 1:33.769

· [Age 11] First testing F3 machinery at Okayama


2010 (Age 4)

 KIDS kart race driver

 Debut win Beginner class

 2011 (Age 5)

 KIDS kart race full season participation

 Double Champion 30cc, 40cc expert class

 10cc (sic.?) Cadet class practice commenced. Normally for 2nd-grade middle-school and up

 2012 (Age 6)

 3-time winner, 1x 3rd Place Cadet class races, 4 entries

 100ccSS class winner (Only one race outside of prizes)

 2013 (Age 7)

 3-time winner 100ccSS class races, 4 entries

 125cc ‘Rotax Max’ class practice commenced. Normally for 3rd-grade middle-school and up

 2014 (Age 8)

 4-time winner 125cc Rotax Max class, 4 entries

 125cc ‘Mission-Start’ class practice. Normally for 18 years and up

 2015 (Age 9)

 Aiming for ‘Formula’ debut

 Full-scale training and ‘Mission-Start’ kart racing.

 2016 (Age 9)

 FIA Formula 4 debut at Okiyama International Circuit

 World’s first elementary-school student to run an F4 car





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