She is an Australian woman, she lives in Vietnam and rose to the challenge for his project to bring together 1001 portraits of sexually abused women. Hiratsuka Niki  was also a victim of sexual abuse. She first spoke publicly about her childhood story during her show last September in Sydney and attracted a significant audience who encouraged her to do this portrait project.

In Vietnam, 1300 cases of sexual violence against children are postponed each year, according to the United Nations. Researchers at the Institute for Social Development Studies in Vietnam concluded that social prejudice against women silenced most of them, especially if they belonged to a poor or a no standard social strata such as migrants, persons with disabilities, etc.…



Pics Hiratsuka Niki


In many countries, sexual abuse is still considered as a taboo, and it is always difficult to talk on the subject especially if you were a victim but in Vietnam, the value of virginity, the importance of social recognition, makes it even more challenging.
With her concept of “Goddesses,” Niki wants to allow abused Vietnamese women to be able to express themselves and to improve the social level of the country.

Niki will present “1001 portraits of the Goddess”  at the Vietnam Women’s Museum next December, but in the meantime, she works to complete her project even if it means creating 10001 portraits.

His fundraiser for the realization of his project has just reached 60 000 000 Vnd ($ 2600) this last September 3 on Fundstart.




‘1001 Portraits of the Goddess’ in Vietnam
Film featured last January for the opening of his fundraiser




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