10 Tips How To Start Your Podcast


December 3. 2021



Podcasts are more popular than ever. You have some great ideas and want to share stories, or perhaps market your business to a wider audience. The only limitations are your own ideas! You have your content thought out, but what are the next steps? Can you record your podcast with an iPhone, or do you need to shell out on expensive recording equipment? This article aims to provide a guide for recording podcasts and to help you decide what choice you should make next.







Podcasting has been around since the early 2000’s, named from the iPod – remember them???, which was basically radio on the internet. Like MySpace and this new era of the internet, anyone could do it! You can read more about the rise, fall and rise of podcasting in our earlier article Here.


This leads many people to think that making a podcast is easy. And it can be at its most basic. But it’s also why most shows ‘podfade’ within seven episodes, when a podcast stops suddenly. To avoid this, produce a quality show that reaches people across the world, attracts loyal listeners and potential sponsors, here are our ten things you need to know. And if you still want to start one but don’t have the time to do all this, then get in touch. We have over two and half years experience, made hundreds of mistakes and learned even more lessons to save you the time so you don’t have to.






Before You Record

Topic & Name

To niche or not too niche?

Ultimately it’s up to you but most advice is to choose a niche, and the niche-ier the better.

Choose what you’re passionate about and talk about that, whether it’s Cabbage Patch Dolls, 90’s Era Hip Hop or the weather. Just kidding, don’t make a podcast about the weather! Or maybe do. Remember there is always an audience out there. You just have to look at the amount of niche content out there on YouTube and beyond to see that if you are into something, someone else will be too. This can also help attract sponsors. But, before you get excited, if you are getting into podcasting for sponsors and money there’s probably a million better ways to do that. In 7 seasons we’ve had just two sponsors, one of them cash.


But… if you are interested in hammers, and make a podcast about different types of hammers, and the people who are listening are into different types of hammers… who do you think might sponsor you? McDonald’s! No, that’s a joke. A hammer shop of course. So remember, the more you niche, even with a small audience, you have an engaged and interested audience about that specific topic. So businesses who want to talk to hammer lovers and hammer lovers only, will be very interested to get in front of them. One you’ve chosen your topic it’s time to choose your name. Keep it short and succinct, just a few words and up to about 20 characters so it can be easily read on Podcast players.

You can read more great info about choosing your Podcast name Here.

(We looked – there is a podcast about hammers. Kinda.)






Show Format

Once you’ve chosen your niche and name then choose how you want to present your show. There are various different ways you can do this, and the beauty is you don’t need to stick to one, you are free to mix it up and keep it fresh. But most podcasts will ultimately stick to one format for consistency…. Continue reading Niall Mackay’s, and Lewis Wright’s article on Seven Million Bikes HERE



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