Do not look for prices in « Zero Dong Store » clothes shop open by Nguyen Thi Tuyet Van a few months ago,  in Tri Ton Town An Giang Province because there, everything is free.

Once open, The success was immediate. The shop became popular not only with residents but also with people from other localities. The idea of the shop first started when Van opened a venue at Nui Cam Park in Tinh Bien District; An Giang called « Give and take .» There the place received old items from donors for the poor. One day, after noticed Van’s activity on social media, Men Pholly, secretary of the Party Committee in Tri Ton, asked her to establish a similar shop in his town and the « Zero Dong Store » was set up. Despite being only 20 square meters, the shop offers a broad range of outfits from Vietnamese and international brands. Here people come to take by necessity, and other ones come to give.

The main idea is the re-use of objects in a social and an environmental logic. Why throw out clothes when they might be useful to others and when it ask additional resources to produce more? This « gift » economy works in a virtuous circle. The generosity of certain people brings other’s generosity. When we are really happy to receive something free, we generally feel to do the same for other ones. When we know that clothes were given by someone in particular, who took the time to choose and give them, we feel a strong feeling because this value is defined by solidarity and not by money. The “Zero Dong Store” is now supported by many volunteers who help classify and wash the clothes, and serve ‘customers. Many people thought that the shop would be eventually a victim of too greedy looters, but after four months of satisfying thousands of people, the store is always there filled with more clothes and footwear…





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