When I jumped feet first into the big, scary world of women and travel, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Women want to see it all, do it all, interact as much as they can with people on their way and even if time and money are some constraints, it does not stop them. It looks like young women are looking for more than just the voyage, in many cases, they are in search of the journey within. Camila, Taisa, Constanza, and Flor are four psychologists from Chile, who decided to travel together and ended up discovering no just new territories but also more about themselves.


 Why did four women want to travel together throughout Asia?

We thought we needed some change in our lives and were looking for something giving us new perspectives. Before leaving, we had many conversations about our trip, looking for places in Asia where it could be different, beautiful, safe and cheap. With only two months to do it and little money to accomplish it, it was a challenge.





The more we talked about the trip, the more we started noticing that this experience was not only about moving to some places but also about putting ourselves in new situations where we would have to rely one on another. We had done this in the past, but never at that level.



Were realizations at the same level than expectations?

We assumed that we were going to spend a lot of time at the beach, relaxing, exploring new cultures, meeting people and we expected the language as a barrier but we quickly realised that there were variables that we did not consider, as the time it takes in Asia to go from one place to another one, the heat, the food not always digestible, the mosquitos, the difficulties to pack every two or three days, to carry heavy bags with unnecessary items taken, so not enough place for new ones to be brought back…


Even if we were together, I had never felt so lonely in my life!

No dynamic, flow or friendship was there anymore; it was like being with new people! Tired, hungry, dirty, fragile and depending a lot on the others were permanent bases, and it was not always easy to handle them every day together. On the other hand, we also saw the beauty and the generosity of the local and loneliness turned into a tremendous gratitude toward them.






This trip definitively transformed us!

Today We are still friends, but our friendship is different. We are not naïve anymore about each other; we recognize our limits and frustrations, and we understood there are not the same for everyone. We are still in contact, but things have changed!

This trip taught us that surprises can come in different packages, shapes, and colors, and we don’t automatically enjoy them all the time!

Uncertainty give us the impulse and energy to discover, and that is something we need to embrace in our daily life; there is no trip without it.

Finally, during this journey, we discovered that people are mainly good. We have met wonderful persons with incredible generosity. People who had so little food and commodity at home but sharing everything with us. They were like angels to us, and we still feel today very grateful to them.

We realized that people are the start of the journey, not the beaches, the markets or the shopping…

Today, we want to do it again! That was the beginning of our travels, and we are still hungry for more!

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