Kate Walton a feminist activist and writer living in Jakarta since five years decided to conduct a short experiment: To walk alone from his home near Pasar Mayestik in South Jakarta to Plaza Senayan.Although she already used to be harassed in Jakarta, from verbal harassment like whistle or sex offering to nonverbal one like unexpected touching she still could not believe this will happen was so many times in so little time.


In 35 minutes, she was harassed 13 times by men from different ages (from 15 to 50) from different social statute and even from a policeman.  According to other studies, 1 in 10 men admitted raping a woman who was not their partner and 31.9% admitted forcing women to have sex. The motivations? Sexual entitlement, punishment, bad mood and surprisingly the least common motivation was alcohol.


A survey conducted as part of the #MulaiBicara or #TalkAboutIt campaign to raise public awareness about sexual violence reported that on 25,213 respondents including 12,812 women, 12,389 men, and 10 transgendered individuals, 1,636 people reported they had been raped, including 62.8% of women, 37.1% of men and 0.1% of transgender respondents. Only 28% of rape victims said they had told anybody, including friends or family, about the crime. 2 out of 3 victims who were sexually assaulted had less than 18 years old.


Another survey, conducted by Lentera Sintas Indonesia and Magdalene.com in cooperation with Change.org, showed that out of the 1,636 respondents who had been raped, 93% had chosen not to report the crime to police. Out of the 6% of respondents who did report their crime to authorities, only 1% said that their attacker had been punished by the legal system.

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