To put in articleThe legal Cannabis industry is growing in many parts of the world. In California, it should bring back to the state 8 million USD in 2018.

In this business controlled until recently only by men, women are now taking the lead.

Many California business women are leaving the corporate world to start a career in the medical Cannabis industry.  The networking  “Women grow”, is a group of women dedicated to legally grow and sell marijuana. The goal of the group is to connect members together, to share information, to give them the resources needed to succeed and to represent the industry in a positive manner. The organizer, Jazmin Hupp said:  “there are not many industries that are female-led, and in this setting up of a brand new multi-billion dollar industry, we saw an opportunity to let women lead where they have never led before.”  Furthermore, from year to year, this industry expands, and the chance to see more country legalizing the recreative cannabis could give to “Women Grow” a significant place in the Cannabis market.

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