Excellence Prize winner in the Japanese Media Arts Festival Awards, “With The Light” by Keiko Tobe is sure to melt your heart. Focusing on an autistic child, author Keiko Tobe gives us a life lesson.

“With The Light: Raising an Autistic Child” is a 15 volumes drama Manga, or “comics for women”, about the struggles of a young mother, Sachiko Azuma, raising her autistic son Hikaru, in modern Japan. Uncommon and sensitive, the subject of this manga is nonetheless heartwarming as the mother battles against the prejudices of the society and his family concerning her son’s condition.

Freshly publish in Vietnam, on the name of Di Cung Anh Sang, the manga is useful and help people to understand this common but often overlooked disability and serve as guidance for any family with an autistic member. “The comic book is greatly recommended for educating the community about autism” Minh Hieu suggests, a representative of the autistic people in Vietnam. “This can be a way for people to open their eyes and understand autism better, leading to a more sympathetic and friendlier society in the future,” Minh Hieu adds. This is a story that resonates not only for those whose families have been affected by autism but also for all past, present and future parents. The manga is published in 3 phases with five volumes to be released each time.



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