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Sometimes the idea of a Wise Woman appears as a kind of shamanic manifestation of a native female. These women seem to be from places far away; they happen to be mysterious, old, dressed in rags, with canes, and many necklaces supported by their fragile necks, as in the fairy tales. These females acquired knowledge of the unknown and access to visions that can help others. But, what is really a Wise Woman?

The reality is wise women are everywhere! They can be young, old, middle-aged, blond, black, white, etc. and come from different parts of the world. Many times these women are brave, take chance, risks and fight for what they believe is right not only for themselves but also for their communities. They are the ones who dare to make a difference; it can be in the public arena or privately, but they speak from their heart, hoping to contribute.

These women are sometimes young activist fighting for the women’s rights as Malala Yousafzai – Pakistan, as musician and singer inspiring millions of people with their melodies as Aretha Franklin – United States, or pilot in the middle east as Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri – United Arab Emirates, as natives challenging the system and take a stand for human rights as Rigoberta Manchu – Guatemala… So many examples and so many wise women..But how did they become wise?

They did it by committing to a cause, a vision, a dream, a goal, and dare to believe in it. For these women, to become wise has taken tons of efforts and determination. They also had to give in and push back, observe and learn from others and adapt to the circumstances. These women don’t know it all; they are humble in their ignorance and curious enough to research and do the work. They have also allowed others to be and do, letting them know they are there for support, help and collaboration. They have developed the capacity to listen with the interest and the enthusiasm of a child. To be a wise woman is a job that might take an entire life.

Many of these women are around us; some of them are closer than we think. They could be a friend or a family member or even a college. We just need to pay attention and appreciate, listen and understand from their experiences, their words, their ideas.

How to recognize them? One way is to listen what others have to say, without judgment, be curious and keep connected to the others. To not hesitate to ask honest questions and try to bring the conversation where knowledge and insight can be the focus.

The consequences of these actions will bring you close to theses women and they will help you to find and determine your goals. But the most important part of all is that you did start the journey  becoming a Wise Women.

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