There’s nowhere else like Saigon. Here are our top 20 reasons why living in our city is the best choice!



We love the Saigonese’s energy!



This city is not only a busy, dynamic and industrious center but also the economic and evenemential capital of Vietnam. Thousands of markets, shops, cafes, restaurants, street vendors, events, bring a fuzzy bubbles atmosphere. Ranked 6th after London, San Jose, Beijing, Shenzen, and Shanghai, in a report grading 120 cities across the world, Saigon is the town where you want to live if you are hyperactive!



A great atmosphere




Once called Diamond of the Far-East, Ho Chi Minh City’s (Saigon) is today a mix of French, American, Vietnamese and Chinese architecture, new skyscrapers and Oriental Pagodas who bring to the town a special ‘Je ne sais quoi.’



There is a motorbike in my living room!





Saigon is famous for its motorbike traffic. 8 million motorbikes overburdened the city’s traffic system, but driving a bike, bring you a great sense of freedom you will never experience anywhere else!



We love Saigon’s transportation!


Pic S. Dumont


With Xe om (motorbike taxi), taxis, Hubert or Grab available at a very low price, anytime days and night and anywhere, it’s Impossible to get lost in the city!












Super dazzling nightlife in Saigon




When it comes to nightlife, there is no better place to party than Saigon. Clubs, rooftop nightbars, restaurants, Casino, events, etc. Saigonese people love to enjoy life. Saigon is definitely the best deal if you love the nightlife.












Food everywhere!




First class restaurant, Street food, Expensive meal, cheap ones, delivery, from Vietnamese to French food via Indian, Japanese or others, you’ve got here a ton of options! And most of the time food and places are great!



Great Rooftop bars


Pic Hotel des Arts

Saigon’s rooftop bars are rated as some of the best in the world. From the colonial charm of Saigon rooftop bars to the ultra-moderns ones everyone has the choice depending on his mood or style. On a very high altitude in a skyscraper with a superb view, you can enjoy greats cocktails while enjoying the panorama. It will be not an easy job to choose your favorite one!



The Coffee Culture


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Pic Patrick Tomasso

Saigon is one of the few cities in the world who share a great coffee culture. You can easily spend your day working in a lovely coffee shop, meet some friends there while degustating an excellent Expresso or a Ca Phe Da (black ice coffee). Vietnam is the second biggest producer of coffee after Brezil. Cherries on top: Every single coffee shop in central areas have a fast internet with free WiFi.



Saigonese women are the sexiest and prettiest in Asia!


Pic Redd Angelo

Saigonese women beleive there is no huggly women, only lazy women!



No Burkini in Saigon!






Saigon and Vietnam, in general, is one of the safest places in the world, especially for women. Don’t be shy to wear a short skirt girls; nothing will happen to you here! Of course, HCMC has it’s obsessed, pickpockets and bag snatchers like everywhere else in the world, but a lot less than others countries and violent crimes are rare.



Fancy a dip?




If you want to escape the heat and don’t have a personal pool, Saigon has some of the good and inexpensive public swimming pools to choose. You fancy to be in a 5th-star hotel swimming pool, no problem it is also possible as most of the hotels open their swimming pool to visitors at very reasonable prices.



Massages and beauty carrying





Where can you get a great 1 hour massage at $10, and a good manicure & pedicure at less than $5? Nowhere else!



Tons of shopping to do in HCMC!



Shopping, shopping and always more shopping for a good price! From shopping centers to local markets selling everything, all is there, just name it and you have it!














Our tailor is rich!


Pic Duong Tran Quoc

Many services in tailoring will reproduce your favorite little black dress withing 24 hours!



Convenience stores for night’s chocolate snacks





You fancy a chocolate bar at 2.00 pm in the morning, and your fridge is desperately empty? Don’t worry some convenient stores are open 24h on 24h in Saigon!








Yes, in Vietnam and Saigon there is no shame in napping. It’s even an Art. Vietnamese people can sleep in hammocks, on concrete floors, under trees, next to strangers, and even on top of motorcycles! So don’t get busy during the midday nap and forget the rest!



You can flight on a great island in 45 min!





The weekend is there, and you fancy some relax time by the beach? A plethora of options is there. Cheap flights are available to take you to exotic islands, on the coastal beaches or other Asian countries. Saigon National and International Airport are located at only 20 min North of Saigon’s center.



Creativity and Entrepreneurial expat community




A lot of entrepreneurs from all over the world live in Saigon and create their own businesses. In fact, there are so many professional meetups in the City that you are quickly overbooked!



Friends from all around the world




Saigon is an international melting pot. Australian people, Americain, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, French, Spanish, African, Canadian, etc., the choices of friends is almost endless. Impossible to fear solitude in Saigon!



Saigonese speak English!

Yes, they do! Ok, it’s not perfect yet, but Saigonese try hard!





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