After spending a few days at Phu Quoc Island in the far southwest of Vietnam, I felt refreshed and regenerated. Of course like everyone we are always more relaxed when we come back from vacation but it was not only that: I had the impression to received a facial and body treatment of a superior quality. Add to that a perfect hair texture and a sublime tan. These are probably not the first reasons we think about when we decide to go on vacation in the tropics, but it’s probably the icing on the cake. It may also be the proof that we don’t need expensive treatments to rejuvenate our skin and hair. Fabulous results can be achieved by kissing Mother Nature while enjoying our vacations and the benefits of days spent in the sand.



Good nutrition = fresh complexion and a better tone




When it’s hot and you’re on the beach in Asia, you tend to consume more water, more green tea, which is a natural detoxifier, more fresh coconut juice, (a moisturizing, energizing, and refreshing drink) and we consume more of these fruits highly hydrating proposed on the beach. The impurities of the skin are often caused by digestive problems. Lighter meals and good hydration will help you lose a few pounds and look more beautiful!



Sand = Complete exfoliation of the body




After emerging from the water do not hesitate to put wet sand on the body and lie on the ground rather than on your towel. Let the sand dry on your skin and then exfoliate and polish all the dead skin cells. You will never find a better way to exfoliate your entire body. After rinsing and drying in the sun, (with protective cream) your skin body will find again his infinite softness.







Soft sand = mud mask

Nothing beats a beauty mask made of marine mud to experience a brand new skin. Mud absorbs impurities and excess sebum from the skin, and like a beauty care you would do at home, it opens and tightens your pores. So find a beach with very thin and clean sand, apply the mud on your face and let it dry for about 10 minutes before returning to the water to rinse you. Do not hesitate to put sunscreen after that.


Salt water = Hair with a perfect texture

When referring to surfer ’s hair,  we refer to their hair texture after the salt water has dried them. Salt absorbs excess oil and does not leave hair brittle or dry as after a shampooing. Instead, it brings a natural grain. You seem to have styled your hair with a styling wax that brought texture, except that your hair has a natural touching. This post-oceanic state is considered by hairstylists as perfection.


Less stress = Great Complexion




When you are stressed in your head, it shows on your face. The stress aged. Learn how to clean your head and do nothing, listen to the waves breaking on the rocks, feel the sand crunching under the soles of your feets and the water licking you the tips of your toes. Remember what’s important in life: your peace of mind!



Regular application of solar product = Perfect tanning without danger




In everyday life, we do not always think about protecting our skin. When we are on a beach in the tropics we know that UV rays even under palmiers are deadly so we apply protective creams and nourishing milk after tanning. So you leave with a hydrated skin and a beautiful tan while having the feeling of having taken care of yourself. And that’s not nothing.


Restorative sleep = Elimination of eye pouches


When you want to escape the noise and sleep well, nothing beats a quiet stay by the sea.A poor quality or lack of sleep, creates a build-up of lymph under your lower eyelids and creates dark circles and swelling under the eyes. A good restful sleep will make them disappear.

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