Being an expat woman in this world is not always easy but just being a woman is still tough in many countries. But as time evolves and gender equality improves, Vietnam proves to be a pretty good place for women…

Who said that in Asia, women are supposed to be submissive and obedient? This once true stereotype is now outdated and Asian women are taking control of their life. Yes, still Vietnam does not fully recognize women’s monetary, psychological, cultural values and expectations but honestly novodays which country really does it as it should be done?  Yes, in Vietnam women have a huge role to keep in their families, but day by day the country’s mentality is improving… Vietnam is a good example of a land where being a woman isn’t so much today a daily hardship. Let us give you few reasons why as Expats and women we are proud and happy to live in a country where women have found they way to impose a certain respect.



For women in Vietnam, a high position isn’t just a dream




One good example:  one of the country’s leaders is a female! Indeed, Đặng Thị Ngọc Thịnh, 57 years old is the current Vice president of Vietnam since 8 April 2016. There are not so many countries in Asia that can claim to let women access to such power. Additionally, Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân is the first female to be elected as Chairwoman of the National Assembly of Vietnam. For an emerging country where Confucian values are dominant, women here seem to find their way in the society.



Budget management



At home as well as in business, women proved to be better fund managers than men. Today, Women make money at the same rate as men, or even better, and that’s why it became a norm for them to have control of the family’s budget and hold key positions particularly in the economic development.



Economic position




Today women make up almost 50% of the total workforce and are present in all fields, including the economy, culture, society and politics. In the economy and education department, women make up more than 60% of the total work force.



Many cities in Vietnam offer a nightlife tailored for women


Pic Glow Saigon

It is pretty cool to live in Vietnam and especially in HCMC. There is in town, so many special Lady’s nights, every night of the week with no entry fees and abundant free drinks that your harder task of the day is to choose one!



You never run out of clothes in Vietnam!



With its plethora of fashion designers, high-street brands, local boutiques and very affordable prices, Vietnam and especially HCMC is a paradise for shopaholics. Hundreds of affordable and fashionable women’ clothing and accessories stores will cure for sure your shopping phobia!



In Vietnam, you can pamper yourself with beauty treatment



Here, women take care of their body. From basic beauty salon to luxury Spa or yoga courses at the most affordable prices, thousand of places provide beauty treatment, massages & relaxation to rejuvenate.



You can dress up as you want and find back your feminity



In Vietnam, women walk around in shorts, mini-skirts, tight, short dresses, and revealing tops. And it disturbs no one. Most ladies assume their feminity, take care of their body and are not afraid to show it off! Nowadays, it is a privilege not always allowed for many women in the world, and punishable in certain countries. With that in mind, Yes, it is definitively good to be a woman in Vietnam!


Safe to walk around



Unlike certain countries, Vietnam is a safe country for women. Days and night you can walk around without feeling insecure. Although sexual assaults do occur sometimes, it is still uncommon, and women can feel pretty secure when it comes to go out alone. It’s a big advantage in a world where sexual assaults are today more and more frequent.










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