In Vietnam and other Asian countries, the Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday and the new hope for better luck, wealth, and prosperity. Looking his best for the Tet holydays is also an aspiration for a greatest start, and everybody will wear his best clothes. But, which color should you wear for this New Year holydays? Different colors contain different energies. Moreover, when combining them with your age, the energy will increase or decrease significantly and play an essential part on who you are going to be this year coming.


If you are Rat, in the Chinese astrology, you should choose black outfits for the 1st day of Tet, leave the red for the 2nd day and use purple for the 3rd day. Put aside the white, blue or yellow clothes. They are not the color for your Tet.

For the Ox, a purple costume is a right choice for the 1st day of Tet, white for the 2nd day, and dark color clothes on the 3rd day.

Tiger, milk color is a to wear for the 1st day; light blue is for 2nd day and yellow for the 3rd day.

The Rabbit should wear white color for the 1st day, dark blue for the 2nd and orange for 3rd.

For the Dragon, pink for the 1st day, milk color for the 2nd and red for 3rd.

Snake, put on your purple shirt for the 1st day, yellow for 2nd and green on the 3rd.



Horse, you should choose light blue on 1st day, milk color on 2nd and black on the 3rd day.

Goat, white is a good choice for 1st day, while red is your color for 2nd day and yellow for the 3rd day.

Monkey, you should go yellow first, and then change to orange and save the green for last.

Rooster, Yellow is a to-go color for the 1st day, purple is for 2nd day and dark blue for the 3rd day.

Dogs, 1st day is the light blue day, 2nd day is for the white and 3rd day is for the yellow.

Finally, for the Pig, you should try orange first, then go red on the 2nd day and light blue on the 3rd day.

Remember this is just a general guide. You can adjust it a bit to match your favorite reference (lighter or darker). For example, for the red color, you can choose heat wavered, light red, and black may be black or black velvet noble. Now that you know which is your color for the Tet check your wardrobe!



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