When the wine is not good it can come from many reasons: temperature, light, storage, but it can also come from the bottling. To be bottled is a brutal act for the wine and it needs two months of rest after it. When it does not rest, the wine becomes not drinkable at all. What’s the cure?

This one is simple: Placed the bottle horizontally in a cellar, or a closet. It is the only solution for wine to recover. This usually last 8 to 10 week. A strong tanning wine will need more time. After that, your wine will find all its aromas again. That explains why wines must be stored at the producer’s places few months before being on the market. If it happens to you, remember, only one cure: patience!





Some tips for keeping your wine in good condition


TEMPERATURE: The wine should be kept at 10 – 12 ° C / 50° F -53.6 F and at a constant temperature to avoid fermentation and premature aging.
HYGROMETRY: Between 70 and 75%. Too much moisture molds the corks, and damage the labels. In return, the drought causes the evaporation of the wines and the desiccation of the corks.
LIGHT: The less light as possible. Too much light affects the color of the wine.
ERATIONA: Aeration is necessary but must be limited.
ODOR: The wine must be safe from strong odors because they alter his taste even if the bottle is closed.
TRANQUILITY: The wine must be protected from shaking (road, building works, elevator etc.) in order to avoid the movement of deposits.




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