Clothing and food are two things belonging to two different worlds. However, Chef Alex McCrery, founder of Tilit, has challenged that concept by throwing his kitchen knives away and starting his new business with a sewing machine.








When you think of Chefs, you probably think of dexterous knife skills and stunning, delicious dishes, but for professional Chefs like McCrery, there is one thing that always disturbs him while working in the kitchen – his clothing.

McCrery has worked almost 20 years in the characteristic baggy, hot garb that we’ve come to associate with chefs. “A chef can look a little bit like a clown,” he said.

McCrery wants gear that is practical but not just random clothes bought on the market for general use. With that in mind, McCrery decided to create ‘Tilit’ to fulfill his dream of creating gear that is not only functional and comfortable, but also modern and stylish.






McCrery began his business in his small apartment in New York City. Despite being a top Chef, he knew nothing about the clothing business, so he decided to take some sewing classes to understand what he was really getting into. As McCrery narrowed down his target market, Tilit quickly expanded from a home business with only five items into a legitimate company with its own showroom and more options for customers.

Tilit’s collection, which includes aprons, coats, work shirts, pants, and bandanas, soon became famous among chefs worldwide because of his stylish and unique touch. With Tilit’s Chef coat, there is no longer mistaking a chef for a clown! McCrery is always excited whenever he sees someone wearing Tilit’s wardrobe. “When you’re a chef, the joy comes from having people eat your food,” he said.

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