Traditional Asian cuisine is healthful and nutritious with fresh vegetables, proteins, and aromatic herbs but beware sometimes of calories, sodium, Monosodium Glutamate, fat, sugar, and food coloring you can find in it.


Top Tips

Forget: crispy, coated, twice-cooked or battered food, it’s a good indication you should avoid it.

Be careful of the tempting fried noodle and fried rice. Ask for steamed white rice or brown one.

Stick with soup, Pho, steamed vegetable and steamed, broiled or roasted meat, steamed spring rolls or vegetable dumplings.

Ask for sauce on the side.





Edamame isn’t automatically low cal

If those delicious soybeans are simply steamed in water, and an excellent pick but, they can also be tossed in oil after being steamed…







Veggies aren’t always seductive

Before stir-fry veggie, Asiatic restaurants traditionally deep-fry them for extra texture. Some vegetables absorb oil the way sponges drink water. Opt for broccolis, snow peas, or peppers.






Tofu can be a diet wrecker

Some Tofu recipes are high in calories because Tofu has been most of the time deep-fried before it hits.





Chicken Tikka Masala. A portion contains more saturated fat you need in a whole day.





Beef with black bean sauce

With 800 calories per order and 4000 milligrams of sodium, it’s the jackpot!





Chicken in sweet and sour sauce.  Chicken and vegetables in a spicy sauce seem like a guilt free pick, but chiken is first deep fried, the sauce is full of additives, sodium and can contain more than 19 teaspoons of sugar.





Steamed dumplings aren’t always good for diet

A vegetable dumpling is around 35 calories per piece and a pork one 80 calories. So if you love the pork version, you can stop at one dumpling or just skip it!





Barbecue Spare Ribs

Considered as an appetizer, the Spares Ribs contain more than 600 calories per serving and more than 66% of your day’s recommended saturated fat intake.





Fried Spring Rolls

 Just forget them if you are on a diet!





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